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Racist "Working-Class White" Voters Need Not Apply!

Hillary Clinton fought a losing primary campaign, and as her desperation to eke out the nomination, she resorted to more desperate tactics.  She targeted Barack Obamaís race, not openly but subtly.  She did this in order to grab the "working-class white" voters in places like West Virginia and Kentucky.  Before African Americans were the Democratsí most faithful bloc, these people were.  You know, racists.  The Democrats who fought a civil war in order to keep African-Americans as slaves.  The Democrats who wrote and enacted the Jim Crow laws.  The Democrats who lynched the "uppity" African Americans, burnt their churches, invented poll taxes and gave goofy tests to keep African Americans from voting.  These people will be looking for a new home come November.  Speaking as a proud GOP voter since my first visit to a polling booth, I now say this: Donít join the GOP.  We have no room for bigots.

I mulled this post for two weeks before actually putting it up, because I donít want to seem as if I am endorsing Mr. Obama for the White House.  Would it have been wiser to embrace those voters on other grounds and then try to convince them that their racism is evil?  No.  Itís 2008.  The highest cabinet position in the United States has been competently filled by African Americans for the entirety of Mr. Bushís terms.  The cabinet, in fact, under Mr. Bush has been an object lesson in enacting Martin Luther Kingís "I have a Dream" speech: People appointed to high office based not on the color of their skins but the content of their characters.  Mr. Bushís truly equal opportunity appointments are one of his shining legacies.  Where past presidents exercised tokenism, Mr. Bush showed that a personís racial or ethnic heritage, or for that matter, his or her gender, was utterly irrelevant to his or her prospects for high office.

John McCain is seriously considering Condoleezza Rice and Bobby Jindal, of African and East Indian heritage, as running mates.  Thus, Mr. McCain is showing the same outstanding GOP anti-racism that has been part and parcel of our party since its founding, with the first president we ever put into office being our greatest ever: Abraham Lincoln.  Mr. Lincoln, as every American should know, took us to war to stop the evil of slavery, refusing to let the Democrats split the country asunder and turn the South into Slaveland.  This same spirit should permeate our voice as the GOP shouts loudly that racists should leave the party pronto.  New racists should stick with the Democrat party, the party that has since its inception stood for putting its thumb on the neck of the American people, and for deceiving them with government handouts as they devise a government led plan for totalitarianism.

Racists: Stay out of the GOP.  We do not need you.  We do not want you.