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The Worst Possible Choice

Nearly twelve weeks have passed since I took up the mantle to write for Conservativity.  The reasons for my inactivity are personal, and private, but let it be said that my inactivity has ended. 

While the last few weeks have been interesting, with the Supreme Court recognizing the right of the people to bear arms, notwithstanding the immature cries of many that said right is limited to the members of a militia.  I won’t get into the argument that such an interpretation of the Constitution presumes that the government is the holder of all rights and grants what it sees fit to the people, instead of the reverse.  The court did a solid for the people.

Mr. Obama, in running for President, has lost the mantle of Messiah, as people expect more than glitzy-flashy promises of "change" from the person who they will select as the leader of the free world.  With the Russians on course to resurrect the Soviet Union (and the Cold War), terrorists in high gear, Iran Nukes, Pakistani instability and an economy that is teetering on recession, we need a true leader.  Mr. Obama recognized his vacuous record, and had an opportunity to select a running mate who might bolster his administrative credentials.  Instead, Mr. Obama chose an egotistical fellow senator, Joe Biden of Delaware, the worst possible choice.  In John McCain’s rosiest dreams, he probably never dared to dream of Obama-Biden.

Only once in history has a ticket comprised of two senators ever won the White House; Kennedy-Johnson in 1960.  This bodes badly, because the current Mayor Daley of Chicago lacks his father’s ability to stuff ballot boxes, which is what put Mr. Kennedy in the White House in that fateful election.  Mr. Obama leaves his female flank open to attack.  Mr. McCain is now free to choose Sarah Palin or even Condi Rice, bolstering his administrative credentials and leaving Mr Obama as the lead snob of a two-snob ticket.

Mr. Obama is a lousy debater, but then again so is Mr. Biden.  Mr. McCain, on the other hand, is exceptional at debate, and Mrs. Palin and Ms. Rice both shine on camera.  Mrs. Palin also has the ability to not only bring women to Mr. McCain’s camp, but to solidify the conservartive base as the most strongly conservative governor in America, and the only governor of any party with an approval rating above 60% (hers hovers near 90%).  Mrs. Palin is also a maverick in her own right, with a reputation for integrity instead of political gamesmanship.

Mr. Biden shares every Obama weakness, and magnifies many.  As the worst possible choice for a running mate, Mr. Obama has made Mr. McCain’s life a living heaven.