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The BEST Possible choice!

Those who know me well will tell you that I am a pipedreamer.  I dream of great and wonderful things that, were these things ever to happen, our world would be a far better place.  Over the last couple of days, i felt as if yet another of my pipedreams would die an ignominious death, as John McCain played it safe and chose a white male running mate.  After all, the drive-by media were certain that Mr. McCain would pick Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney, with the dark horse being pro-choice (if spoken truly, pro-baby-murder) Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania.  Conservative pundits were sent rushing to their restrooms to retch, as rumors surfaced that McCain was testing the waters of having a pro-choice (if spoken truly, pro-baby-murder) running mate.  Then even worse, rumors floated that McCain would out-stupid Mr. Obama and choose Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate.  Conservatives were carefully making their 13-loop nooses, preparing to end it all once their party was destroyed.

Then came this morning.  As I drove in to my day job, listening to the radio, the host announced that Sarah Palin was spotted last night landing in Dayton, Ohio, and that Pawlenty and Romney were out.  The clouds parted.  The bright beam of brilliant white sunlight shone directly upon my car, encasing it in a bluish glow, much as what happened to John Belushi in The Blues Brothers.  "The Band!  Elwood, the BAND!"  But I digress.

I pipedreamed for so long, only to see this pipedream become a reality.  I shouted for excitement in the car: "YES!"  Yes!  John McCain did it.  He made the move that telegraphed to everyone that he knows he can win, and that he really wants to win.  Heís not Bob "Itís my turn to run in 1996" Dole.  He played the "maverick" card, and in so doing, made the best possible choice of a running mate in the history of the United States of America.

Sarah Palin is only 44.  But, unlike Mr. Obama, she has consistent executive experience dating back at least 12 years.  Not a "legend in her own mind" senator, she is by far the most dogged maverick among the governors of this country.  Her reward?  An approval rating in the stratospheric 90% range.  She is known to be a strong proponent of truthful and honest government.  She also has conservative street cred unlike anyone in national politics since, dare I mention his hallowed name, Ronald Reagan.  She is more pro-life than pro-life McCain, and put her money where her mouth is just this year, by giving birth to her fifth child, knowing that little Trig Palin would be born with Downís Syndrome.  She is a gun-toting card-carrying member of the NRA.  She wants to drill for oil wherever it can be found, including but not limited to Barack Obamaís teeth (well, maybe not there).  She is a hot beauty queen, and her husband actually works a real job for a living.  Her eldest son has enlisted to serve our country.  On a scale of one to 10, Sarah Palin is a 17.995!

Governor Palin has an exciting TV presence, and has worked in the media before as a sportscaster (more Reagan Parallels!).  She has the chops and the forcefulness to debate Senator Biden into a whimpering mass on the floor.  The BEST possible choice.  Governor Palin was chosen partly to appeal to the Hillary voters who thought the Obama nomination to be sexist.  The BEST possible choice.  If John McCain were to, God Forbid, keel over from a coronary as the first notes of Hail to the Chief rang out at the Capital on inauguration day, she would be an outstanding president.  The BEST possible choice.

Now a special round of kudos to the McCain campaign.  Whoever designed the head-fake, which included tactics so effective that ABC news reported that the governor was at home in Wasilla, AK at 8:50-ish (EDT) this morning, needs to be given a huge raise.  Right after Mr. Obamaís pseudo-messianic acceptance speech, one would expect a 15-point bounce.  While the bounce was more like 2-3 points, everything Mr. Obama said was wiped cleanly off the mediaís radar by this masterful media shell game.  Even MSNBC, which should properly be called "The Obama Worship Network," was covering the Palin nomination wall-to-wall.  McCain just sucked every molecule of air out of the Obama sails.  Conservative pundits are dancing the happy dance!  Allahpundit reported being very "woozy."  Michelle Malkin, who has not been kind to Mr. McCain, said, "Yes, Iím impressed. Very impressed."  Talk about catching the ball on the up-bounce!  Bravo!

Pipedreams and pipedreamers are most often disappointed.  But not today.  Mr. McCain has ensured that 2008 is an historic election.  Either a female VP or a black president will be sworn in on January 20, 2009.  My pipedream McCain/Palin ticket is a reality.  I am ecstatic.