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What a Weekend!

President -- oops, sorry -- Senator John McCainís announcement of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate has taken a moribund, boring election, where conservatives were deciding how to end it all, and transformed it into a wild, exciting ride, with the GOP base more energized than any time since Ronald Reaganís 1984 re-election landslide.  It must be said that Mrs. Palin has taken McCainís "sure loser" bid and transformed it into a likely-to-win bid.  Mr. McCainís selection has terrified Mr. Obama and the entire party of the jackass, as can be deduced from the wild weekend of Labor Day 2008.

It all started with the aptly-named nutroots at Daily Kos (I will not link to that America-hating site full of Nazi wannabes who think that liberty is evil and proudly practice the most vile forms of evilness).  They accused Governor Palin of assuming motherhood over her daughterís baby, based solely on undated photos that appear to show a svelte Sarah Palin when she whould have been large with child.  Notwithstanding numerous photos showing her to be very pregnant, which the tinfoil-hat-wearing Kosites chalked up to padding, the Kosites kept on the attack to the point where their America-hating traitorous leader asked them to cool off.  They were finally shut up when the McCain campaign revealed that Bristol Palin is five months pregnant by her boyfriend, making it impossible for her to be little Trigís mother.  So, the Palin family told the truth when they said that little Trig was the governorís fifth child.

The Palins also issued a thoughtful statement that summarized their feelings about their childís pregnancy, and it is similar to what I would say if I found out my daughter were unmarried and pregnant at 17.  In fact, the Palins, evangelical Christians (as am I), drew praise from Dr. James Dobson and other Christian leaderss for their compassionate, biblical and thoughtful handling of the matter.  Now, Michelle Malkin pointed out that, if Gov. Palin had taken her daughterís child as her own it would make her a "saint."  I disagree; it would have made her a liar on many levels.  John McCain knew about Bristol before he selected Gov. Palin to run with him; he was not fazed.  This whole situation has backfired on the nutroots.  Governor Palin has been shown to be one who practices what she preaches, both directly and with her daughter.  Talk about solidifying her pro-life credentials!

John McCain also called for a reduced schedule for the Republican Convention because of Hurricane Gustav, which, Thank God, was not nearly the disaster of Katrina, and further, was responded to most effectively by the government this time.  Again, McCain is giving solid proof that the GOPís "Country First" theme is more than idle talk.

Today, the news heats up again, with Barack Obama ironically attacking Governor Palinís lack of experience.  Mr. Obama likens his 2000+ campaign staff to running the state of Alaska, and thus claims more experience than Mrs. Palin.  Nonsense!  First of all, Mr, Obama does not run the day-to-day operations of his campaign; that task falls to his minions, such as David Axelrod.  Second, a campaign has zero actual day-to-day governmental work.  The purpose of a political campaign is to seduce the undecided voter to choose its candidate.  Such work has little to nothing to do with reality, much less running the affairs of the richest nation on Earth.  There are precisely four people alive who have the experience to be President of the United States of America:  George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton (well sort of) and Jimmy Carter (to the extent that the Peter Principle applies).  Governor Palin is the chief executive of a state, which is as close as you can get to being President. 

Now, the Democrat party realizes that its dreams could be shattered, so the threats come, as they revert to the same traits that helped Hitler, Mao and Stalin obtain and keep power.  Fatimah Ali, writing for the Philadelphia Daily News, threatens the people with "a full-fledged race and class war" if Senator McCain wins.  The Obama campaign has already used brown-shirt tactics to attempt to gag a radio commentator who was exploring the senatorís relationship with the true-blue terrorist Ayerses.  Now, their surrogates threaten violence lest you vote Obama.  This is nothing new.  Remember 2004, when the elites wanted to secede the "blue states" from America rather than accept the will of the people.  How can people who say such things even suggest that they like, much less love, the United States?  They hate their country.

What a first weekend for the home stretch!  I cannot wait to see what happens next!