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The Attacks Show the Panic

On September 3, 2008, in the Minnesota night, a new superstar assumed the stage at the Republican National Convention.  Her name is Sarah Palin, and she is the next Vice-President of the United States of America.  How do I so confidently predict the outcome of this election?  Simple.  Sarah Palin electrified the crowds at the Convention Hall, receiving the longest standing ovation ever delivered to a nominee for either slot since the great Ronald Reagan ascended the podeum in 1980.  Sarah Palin, more importantly, has now had her chance to electrify the American people, with an audience of nearly 30 million hearing her acceptance speech.  Now, the first polls are out.  Rasumssenís poll shows that 51% of Americans believe that the news media are trying to hurt Governor Palin with their coverage.  Even more importantly, especially now when the GOP conventin hasnít even ended yet, 24% of Americans are now more likely to vote McCain/Palin.  The end result has been liberal panic, demonstrated in the increasingly virtiolic ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin.

First, we have the soft-sell hatred of Hillary Rosen of Huffington Post.  Ms. Rosen uses ad hominem "lite," referring to our nominee as "[a] superstar of the radical right."  She then went on to list all of the same old leftist-socialist agenda, where the government should pay for everyoneís medical bills and school tuition, apparently by taxing (which is really punishing) successful and productive persons and businesses.  Itís the same old sinful covetous class-warfare, with a smattering of pseudo-sympathetic platitudes thrown onto the pile in order to make herself sound more legitimate and reasoned.  Ms. Rosen further alleges that Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin "want to make rules for our families by eliminating our right to make our own choices over abortion," implicitly rejecting the medical fact that this unborn baby is human, and the notion that every human is entitled to equal protection under the law.  Therefore, she has bowed her knee to the infanticidal Sacrament of the Left.  Ms. Rosenís attack is the least panicky-sounding of those I list here today, but its choice of words and pseudo-support of Mrs. Palinís right to run give it a deceptive feel that reveals its true panic at the notion that the first woman to be in the Top Two will be -- ugh, retch -- Conservative.

Next up, we have no less than the writings of Gloria Steinem, in a hate-filled piece of agitprop published in The Los Angeles Times. Ms. Steinem pulls no punches, puts on her brass knuckles, and slugs her country well below the belt.  She states that the "anti-feminist right wing" is out to "appease the gender gap" with Mrs. Palin.  Her panicked, unconsidered hypocrisy is on full display as she mourns the "ridicule and misogyny" that Hillary Clinton supposedly endured in her campaign.  This would of course, using Ms. Steinemís logic, be ridicule and misogyny directed at Mrs Clinton by Barack Obama and his campaign, the man who she goes on to endorse in this same article.  Using phrases designed to inflame the left, such as "Selecting Sarah Palin, who was touted all summer by Rush Limbaugh, is no way to attract most women, including die-hard Clinton supporters. Palin shares nothing but a chromosome with Clinton," Ms. Steinem goes well past implying that a woman is not truly a woman unless she is a militant leftist who, of course, bows the knee at the infanticidal Sacrament of the Left.  In Ms. Steinemís bizarro world, Mrs. Palinís views cannot be valid because they are uttered by -- ugh, retch -- a Conservative.  The viciousness of Steinemís attack, which ridicules literally every one of Mrs. Palinís positive points, is shocking, even for a country where the socialist/leftist elites openly seek to impose totalitarianism under their set of rules upon the rest of the nation.  However, the desperate ferocity of the attack proves the panic with which it is delivered.

Third, we have Us Magazine, owned and operated by a Barack Obama sycophant, with a revolting and deceptive front-cover smear job.  Every teaser headline leads nowhere.  The panic here is practically self-evident.  Smears like this, where the facts belie the headlilnes, are nauseating.  Now, Barack Obama, on August 29, said that anyone who engages in this kind of smear would be fired from his campaign.  However the Obama staffer who linked in this sickening tripe has yet to be terminated.  Well, weíre waiting.

Finally, we have the ridiculous.  The National Enquirer, using "unnamed sources" alleges that Mrs. Palin has been in an affair with her husbandís business partner.  This steamed the McCain campaign, which retorted with a complete denial and threats of legal action.  My attorney is available to prosecute this panicky and ridiculous smear.

There are a few issue-based responses to Mrs. Palinís magnificent speech at the convention.  However, they all assume as an axiom that bigger government is better without proving it.

None of this crap is affecting our new Superstar!  I am still ecstatic.