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And here come the Coattails!

I expected a superball-like bounce for the GOP ticket, after Sarah Palin rocked the house in the most-watched political convention in history.  When a likely-voters poll shows McCain/Palin up by ten points, when the previous week they were down by three, that is a rocket-fueled, Flubberesque megabounce!  This isn’t the skewed "registered voters" propaganda poll that is used by the media to prop up their socialist agenda.  This is a likely voters poll.  USA TOday and Gallup, liberal flunkies to be sure, released the results of this poll.  Among those most likely to vote, Mr. McCain leads Mr. Obama, 54-44%.  If you turn the margin of error completely against Mr. McCain, he still is four points to the positive.  Enthusiasm is way up among the GOP base, no surprise there.  However, the big news is that the public is warming toward GOP congressional candidates.  In a convention where the GOP made no pleas for their congressional candidates, this can only be attributed to nealy-grown McCain/Palin coattails.

Nothing could make me remotely as happy as the notion that the GOP takes the Senate or even the house as well.  GOP candidates would do well to super-glue themselves to this vibrant reform ticket.  They should do as Newt did, and come up with a new Contract with America, and honor it.  Call it the McCain/Palin reform pledge or whatever works.  However, do it!  Some incumbents may have been offended by Mr. McCain’s sincere and withering criticism in his acceptance speech.  Good.  Mr. McCain’s points were right-on.  He has moved into a statistical tie with Mr. Obama on handling economy issues.  He has a huge lead on defense issues.  Mr. McCain is headed in the right direction.

Mr. Obama won the Democrat nomination fair-and-square.  That does not mean that Mr. Obama should lead this nation.  His proposed policies would ruin this country.  The people realize that.  Mr. McCain could grow his coattails even more by identifying Mr. Obama with the under-ten-percent-approval Democrat Congress.  Such comparisons, showing that Mr. Obama supports policies wackier than those that made the Democrat Congress so unpopular, would only hurt both the Democrat Congress and Mr. Obama.  Hence, the GOP would gain even more.

We may be on the verge of something tremendous here.