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Coattails, Terror, Computer Literacy.

Fifteen days ago, that’s right, just one half a month ago, Barack Obama was I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E.  A filibuster-proof Democrat Senate was I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E.   Massive Democrat gains in the house were I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E.  Permanent GOP irrelevancy was I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E.  Invesco Field in Denver was hosting Mr Obama’s acceptance speech in front of over 75,000 worshipful fams and convention delegates.  A stage, full of columns reminiscent of a Greek Temple, was erected.  Mister I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E made his speech, which was underwhelming, and nothing like the messianic prose that catapulted this man to a decisive victory for the nomination, notwithstanding the Clinton machine’s full-on effort to cheat its way to the top of the ticket.  Mr. Obama was the savior of the Socialist Left, promising a rosy future that would make the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation look like South Central Los Angeles.

Then, one day passed.

Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate.  A nearly-suicidal GOP base, which was expecting that 2000 Democrat VP nominee Joe Lieberman would join Mr. McCain on the ticket, was instantly electrified with 10,000,000 volts of pure, rip-snortin’ energy!  Not only had Mr. McCain picked a solid conservative (the base dreamed of loyal but insomnia-curing Tim Pawlenty), he had picked the most conservative of all of the VP hopefuls!  Not only that, she’s literate, she lives her convictions every day, she’s great looking, and she’s insanely popular in her own state.  Hurricane Sarah struck Minnesota at Category 5, raising the GOP convention’s TV audience to the largest that any political convention of either party has ever seen.  Her speech was funny, poised, and authentic, filled with ultra-cute cut-ins such as her 7-year-old daughter piper licking her hand and smoothing her brother Trig’s hair.  In her speech, Governor Palin shot and field dressed the Democrat moose.  Ridiculous stories that posited that Governor Palin faked her pregnancy and adopted her daughter’s baby were squelched.  All of the nasty stuff that the media could dig up turned out to be misrepresented, overblown or just plain lies.  Mr. McCain came out the next night and delivered no flowery speech.  Instead he portrayed his selfless side, and explained how he and Gov. Palin intended to turn Washington on its ear.  The McCain and Palin pledges obliterated the Obama "McCain is Bush’s third term" argument, and pitted change vs. change.

Mr. Obama’s convention bounce was negligible, and wholly subsumed by McCain/Palin’s massive super-bounce, which catapulted them into the lead in the polls, which among the most likely voters is in the double digits.  Media smears reached an all-time low, as the socialist establishment desperately threw whatever it could conjure at the GOP ticket, which had the unacceptable temerity to be popular against their worshipful leftist leader.  Then, the GOP pipedream and the Democrat terror grew worse:  McCain/Palin grew coattails!  Democrats in and running for Congress, that same Democrat Congress with the worst approval ratings in recorded history, shrieked in terror.  They are now distancing themselves from Mr. Obama.  Could all of this really be happening?  In the space of two weeks, has John McCain shown himself to be the shrewdest politican in American history?  The GOP is raising money like mad; Democrats are starting to have money problems; Rush is happy; Socialist leftists are quaking in their boots.

GOP Congressional candidates have wind in their sails, and what looked like a sure-loss year now portends to be a ground-hold or modest gain year (mark you, two senate seats of gain means that the GOP controls the Supreme-Court-Justice-ratifying Senate)!

Mr. Obama promises to take the gloves off when it comes to McCain/Palin.  Since "gloves on" meant phony stories about Gov. Palin faking a pregnancy and blatant mid-sentence bowdlerizing of her prayer, as Michelle Malkin reports, that what we do in Iraq have a plan and that our plan be God’s.  So here we go, what is Mr. Obama’s scathing attack on Mr. McCain?  He’s not computer literate!

[I pause here so that you may laugh uncontrollably for ten minutes]

See this article.  I am computer literate.  I had better be; I am an Information Technology professional.  Mr. McCain is not seeking to be the Chief Technology Officer of the United States, he is seeking to be the President!  As someone who has eMails and SMS bombarding me all day (and sometimes at night), I am glad that Mr. McCain refrains from email!  He should be President.  Leave the intricacies of Windows Vista or Microsoft Exchange integration with the iPhone for a techie who doesn’t have to deal with a newly-belligerent Russia or a nuclear-obsessed Iran. 

Now, Mr. Obama goes on to vainly attempt to paint Mr. McCain as a dunce who does not understand the economy, which is projection.  Mr. Obama obviously does not know that his proposals are impossible.  If he imposes the confiscatory tax rates he proposes, the country will die.  Remember that the top 40% of wage earners actually pay more than 100% of the net tax revenue of the USA (this is not a mistype, but it is from an article by Steve Forbes).  Mr. McCain’s pledge to keep taxes low will foster the private investment, free of government control, that will help all Americans.

Mr. Obama wants to hike your taxes, tell you how to care for your health, and run like a coward from terrorists who pounce on cowardice.  He is all show and no go; the people have figured it out, Thank God!  Mr. McCain, for all of his computer illiteracy, is headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.