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Is John McCain riding his integrity to a loss?

John McCain seems to be holding back the big guns.  He has not brought out the vile, America-hating rancor that is Jeremiah Wright, under whose "spiritual" tutelage Mr. Obama sat for nearly 20 years.  Mr. Obama clung to his friend until it started to hurt him politically.  Then he dumped Wright with lightning speed.  John McCain has not directly punched Mr. Obama on his obviously-close association with William Ayers, who is an unrepentant terrorist who bombed buildings in Washington.  Mr. Obama is so sensitive to this attack that his goons and thugs menaced WGN radio in Chicago to try to shut them up.  John McCain, in the last debate, merely adumbrated the issue of Mr. Obama’s fealty to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  John McCain adumbrated the fact that Mr. Obama, notwithstanding the Left’s sleight-of-hand, is undoubtedly the most socialist, leftist person to ever attempt to seize the White House.  John McCain acts from integrity and an honest desire not to sully the high office to which he aspires.  Some think that Mr. McCain will ride his integrity to a second place finish.  I, for one, do not.

Why do I think that Mr. McCain’s integrity and gentlemanly personal style will do him well?  Here are the reasons:

  1. The Pit Bull with the Lipstick:  Sarah Palin is not pulling any punches, guys!  She is on the trail, feeding the base (of which I am a proud member), pure red meat.  Governor Palin has effectively shot and field-dressed Barack Obama and his cozy relationships with every sleazeball who resides within the state lines of Illinois.  Why do you think the media have been so silent about the Governor since the debate, where she wiped the floor with Mr. Biden’s hair plugs?  Cover Governor Palin now, even to try to assail her, and the media risk publicizing Mr. McCain’s points and harming Mr. Obama, for whom they are solidly in the tank.
    Meanwhile, John McCain stays above the fray and displays the dignity that the office deserves.
  2. The negative ads:  John McCain is using ads to convey the sick truth about Mr. Obama’s nefariousness.  Negative ads work, or neither candidate would use them.  ’Nuff said.
  3. The Bradley Effect:  When Barack Obama comes in second on election day, notwithstanding the blatantly sycophantic efforts of the media, both will rage and charge racism against the GOP.  James Carville has already stated that an Obama loss will result in riots.  Does Carville honestly believe that it is good to motivate the electorate with threats of violence?
    The Bradley effect is a guilt-based inflation of polling data for Democrat African-Americans.  Democrats who do not intend to vote for a black person lie to pollsters to avoid appearing racist, and then adhere to their original intent in the voting booth.  Clarence Page believes that Mr. Obama has to be over six points up on election day polls to overcome the effect.  I think that Mr. Page is spot-on.  My only addendum is six points up in an honest poll, where there have been no hijinks with the internals.
    The problem comes with the socialists assigning the racism to the GOP.  Think about it.  Rush has said, and rightly so, that the people who will have switched to McCain to "vote white" will be Democrats.  The GOP base will vote GOP, no matter who the left-wing candidate is.  And, the GOP base will vote like no time since Ronald Reagan, motivated by Sarah Palin and by the repugnant thought of an extreme-left government in power across the board, ruining the economy, raising taxes, and seizing whole industries to governmental control.

John McCain’s job is to appeal to as many voters as possible.  Rigged polls still don’t put Mr. Obama above the Bradley effect; Gov. Palin is solidly cementing the base.  I can’t wait to vote on election day morning.  I believe by 10:30PM CDT, Mr. McCain will be picking up a phone -- to accept the congratulations of Barack Obama.