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Celebration and Grace...

At 12:02AM CST on November 3, 2004, Fox News called Alaska for George Bush, having called Ohio for Bush some minutes earlier.  At this time our beloved President has 269 electoral votes, assured of at least a tie that would be broken by the Republican House of Representatives.  Nevada and New Mexico will soon be called for W.  This will give our President the definitive victory in the Electoral College.  As soon as these things were announced, the Kerry camp has communicated that provisional ballots will need to be counted, but the math tells us that, unless they break 95-5% for Kerry, itís not enough.  Thanks be to God, George W. Bush has been re-elected.

We should be happy and celebrate, without taunting, rash behavior, retaliation or anything other than thankfulness to God for our victory.  Our good acts will, in addition to balming wounds, perhaps cause people to wave off litigation.  Letís be graceful, and hope and pray that Mr.Kerry concedes with grace was well.