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It's Whacked When George McGovern Opposes It!

"Woke up this morniní, got yourself a union!" 

George McGovern, who before Gore, Kerry and Obama was the uber-leftist liberal and leftest presidential candidate to ever run for office, has taken up a new cause.  This cause is his opposition to the unionist brown-shirt proposal of "card check."  The unions, for no reason other than to intimidate workers into unionizing against their wills, are demanding that the Democrat party ban secret balloting and replace it with an "open" system.

"Union activists argue that government-supervised secret-ballot organizing elections are "inherently and intensely coercive" and that publicly signing a union membership card in the presence of union organizers, known as card-check organizing, is the only way that workers can freely choose to unionize. But due to union organizersí techniques, card checks often do not reflect workersí free and considered choice about union membership. 

"Even when organizers do not illegally threaten workers, card checks expose workers to organizersí psychological manipulations and give them only one side of the story. Card checks lead many workers to make impulse decisions and expose workers who wish time to consider their decision to harassment by union organizers. Cards signed in public simply do not represent workersí free and considered choice."  From The Heritage Foundation.

No wonder the unions, who are livid at the decrease in their power, as their strong links to organized crime are revealed, only to revive in a different species as soon as they are expunged.  Workers no longer need unions to protect themselves from unsafe work conditions, so they now seek to force people to unionize by sending "Big Vito" and "Carmine the Enforcer" to make the workers "an offer they canít refuse."

Mind you that the unions have supported socialism, which is anti-American at its core and every level of its existence, and have precipitated the hyper-regulated nanny state that has made their existence less necessary.  The unions, however, are unhappy with their inability to force business to hire five overpaid and over-pensioned people to do the work of one person.  They are furthermore oblivious that their ridiculous perks have all but destroyed the American auto industry.  Over $1000 of the cost of a new Ford pays for employee health benefits!

Unions lose fair elections.  Said elections have kept WalMart union-free, and hence profitable, for years.  Card Check would allow the mobster thugs who comprise the organizing arm of almost all unions to threaten, extort and intimidate themselves into companies, raising massive amounts of money for them to continue to move this country to socialism. 

It has gone too far, as the fact that Sen. McGovern opposes card check!  When a leftist sees the danger in a measure, then we who are not on the left should be terrified, and doing all we can to prevent this attack on our personal freedoms.

Senator George McGovern is inducted into our list of Liberals with Integrity.