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If Obama is such a shoe-in, why the desperate, evil, illegal tactics?

Michelle Malkin reports that, in Warren, Michigan, you can get a free pizza if you steal and bring in a McCain/Palin sign.  This deplorable cheat is designed by an America-hating treasonous campaign, that knows it is losing, notwithstanding the pollyanna rigged polls that make it look as if the Democrat party is marching to a landslide.

Read the story of these treasonous sots here.  Then contact the Obama campaign and tell the answering party that, unless the campaign manager or the candidate disavows such an evil tactic, itís proof that the campaign endorses it.

This is not only reprehensible, and reminiscent of thuggish John Kerry tactics in Illinois in 2004.  I submit that all Democrats are amoral and will result to any amoral and/or efvil tactic in order to win.  Prove me wrong in the face of the evidence, if you can.