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Using "Polls" to Deflate Conservatives Only Works when All Pollsters In on It.

The polls are all over the place.  Fox reports Mr. Obama is up by nine, IBD/TIPP (the most accurate polls in 2004) report Mr. McCain sharply gaining to within 3.7, AP reports a statistical tie.  The three widely-different polls are all surveying "likely voters."  How can this be?

It is obvious that some pollsters are in the tank for Mr. Obama and are rigging the question presentation and internals to give their candidate a larger-than-actual lead.  Why?  To depress Conservative turnout.  Conservatives reliably turn out in most elections; Mr. McCain picked Sarah Palin in order to cement that turnout.  Mr. Obama relies on the notoriously fickle and feckless youth vote, which he plans (read: hopes and prays) turns out like never before.  Therefore, mr. Obama wants to see polls come out that make his victory appear to be an inevitable landslide.  Some Conservatives are panicking.  They should calm down.

Rush has stated that the polls that show Obama with a gigantic lead are misleading.  He cites Battleground (the most neutral of the GOP Pollsters), and today, AP and IBD/TIPP, as proof of concept -- effectively.  Even the Fox/Rasmussen results show that Mr. McCain has taken the lead in must-win Ohio and Florida.  If Mr. McCain wins those two states, he is the next President.

The poll-rigging only works if all of the pollsters drink the Obama Kool-Aid and that is not happening.  Worse for Mr. Obama, if the Kool-Aid is sipped by too many of his supporters, they will simply not show up at the polls on election day, thinking that itís in the bag.  Funny thing about lies and how they come back to bite the liar in the keester.  I wish I was saying this from other than personal experience, but I cannot do that.

Finally, something is happening:  John McCain is aggressively pursuing Pennsylvania, long thought to be safely socialist -- oops, Democrat (yes, I know that the two terms are synonymous).  His internals are telling him something that we canít see, except of course for the ridiculous insults that John Murtha is hurling at his own constituents.  Chalk up one House seat to the GOP!

We read horrific predictions of vengeful socialists enacting the unfairness doctrine to force conservative talk radio off the air, filibuster-proof senators allying with socialist Obama to void all state restrictions on abortion and impose massive federal abortion funds, an economy shattered by protectionism and ridiculous restrictions to fight "globa warming," and everything short of Armageddon.


Read the polls!  Chill!  Go vote on election day, and see if there are any conservatives who need a lift to the polls, or better yet, contact McCain/Palin 2008 and volunteer to get out the vote.  Beat back the socialist, vote-fraud-supporting Obama and his threatening thugs at the polls.  Give Conservatives up and down the ticket such a victory that no amount of cheating can overrule it!  Then we can celebrate instead of mourn.

Letís not stay home as too many conservatives did in 2006, giving us the horrific debacle of a Democrat Congress that has damaged the economy.  Do not punish Amwrica if you think that the GOP is not conservative enough, as some loons are now suggesting.  Instead, vote Conservative and punish those who hate our country.