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Who knows how this election is going to turn out?  There are polls out there that lie all over the place.  The most reliable polls show Mr. Obama with  razor-thin lead.

In Pennsylvania and Virginia, there are legal tussles, as Virginia attempts to disenfranchise the military vote in order to steal the state for Mr. Obama, and Black Panthers stand outside polling places with nightsticks to attempt to steal that state for Mr. Obama. 

Turnout is very, very high.  This is good, depending on your perspective, for Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain.  If the young vote is light, the turnout spells a McCain upset.  If the rural vote is light, then Mr. Obama has a decided advantage.

Ignore the exit polls!  They are inherently unreliable.  I am also ignoring the pre-election opinion polls.  most, if not all, are skewed Democrat, some as high as +10 percentage points.  This is not the Obama percentage, it is the nu,ber of Democrats included in the poll vs. the number of Republicans.  There has not been a Democrat +10 electorate on Election Day since 1964, which was motivated mostly by the death of John Kennedy less than one year earlier.  Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan (1980) and Bill Clinton won with an electorate split of Democrat +2.

If you apply Democrat +2 to IBD/TIPP and Rasmussen, the end result is a McCain win.  Mr. McCain is peacefully confident, exactly as George W. Bush was in 2004.  He is the man with the inside polling information.  If this were a blowout in the making, I believe that Mr. McCain would begin to prepare his loyalists.  Instead, Mr. McCain seems confident of taking Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania.  If he takes those four states, Mr. Obama would certainly lose this election.

I believe that Washington State is in play, and even wonder about California, depending on conservative support for the Proposition 8 gay marriage ban.

I wonder about the possibility of drive-by media backlash.  The media are so in the tank for Obama that I can envision people voting for McCain just to spite the news outlets, to make Colmes and Couric and Matthews and the like eat crow.

Sarah Palin is not a negative!  She draws baseball-stadium sized crowds full of adoring people, best labeled as "fans" and not just "supporters."

Socialists in the Democrat Party, thinking that they may be on the road to validation, are nakedly advocating their evil positions.  Hubris!

I voted.  Most everyone at the polls was elderly; almost all of the younger people were wearing McCain buttons or hats. 

Time to pray.  We are not in control; God is.  He is the one who will rescue us from the evils of left-wing socialism.  If we will humble outselves and pray, He will hear, and have compassion and heal our land from the Democrat party.