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Away for too Long!

Well, John!  What happened?  Gone for more than a whole year?  Why?

Well, letís see... (i) I was involved in a long and painful divorce; (ii) I was completely disheartened by Mr. Obamaís victory in November 2008, and his gigantic swing to the left post-election; (iii) I got a new day job that takes more of my time (it is, however, exciting).

Now, I canít just sit back and enjoy and be silent.

Barack Obama is systematically destroying the country.  The media are still in the tank for him, except for a few neutral players, such as Fox News.  Foxís reward for its balance?  Merciless attack from the White House press office.  The result?  Foxís ratings have increased.  I take solace in that fact.

We have mind-boggling yearly budget deficits that exceed the total national debt of this country from recent times!  Mr. Obama has managed to seize control of General Motors, and will not let the banking industry pay its way out of the loans he used to seize effective control over these banksí management policies.  Unemployment is over ten percent and on the way up. 

I take solace in the fact that the Senate appears to be deadlocked on the boondoggle that is "health care reform."  Will this pass, and make it so that healthy people are forced, under pain of a Federal prison sentence, to either pay a fine or obtain health insurance?  Will the scheme to fine employers a mere $2000 per year for not providing an employee a health plan cause employers to drop the $8-12,000 per year for health plans and force millions into a Federal plan that will certainly end up rationing and delaying care?  Do we want to have worse health services than the abysmal British National Health Service?  Dorky Dickie Durbin and Roland Burris will filibuster any plan without a "public option;"  Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and probably Blanche Lincoln will filibuster any plan which has said option.  That is a Democrat-versus-Democrat Mexican Standoff.

The media still blames Republicans for the problems in passing this semi-Nazi power grab of 1/6th of our economy.  However, Democrats, if they had party unity, could cram this down our throats.  Tom Corbin, a doctor, GOP Senator and hero of the people, is going to force the reading of the entire bill aloud on the Senate floor.  That alone could take days on end.  Yes!  The cots-and-catheters days of the filibuster return!

Sarah Palin has released her book, and the media are on the attack.  However, Oprah did give her a reasonable interview, to her credit.  Sarah gets her last laugh, God Willing, on January 20, 2013.

Pray for our country.  Itís really in danger.