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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Finally. Thank you Senator Kerry.

I went to bed at 1:30AM CST here in Chicagoland, right after John Edwards gave a not-so-veiled threat of prolonged litigation over the outcome of Ohio.  Florida went for our President fairly early in the night. The popular vote had a +3,000,000 vote margin favoring our beloved president.  The exit pollsters and most of the tracking pollsters were thoroughly humiliated.  I figured that Nevada and New Mexico would go Bush overnight, and I would awaken at 7:00AM to see that our president was re-elected.  Instead, I saw that ABC and CBS had not called Ohio.  Seems it was too close to call with 100% of precincts reporting, even though W had a lead of over 130,000 votes!  Pheesh!

I did the math, figuring that I would be here all day. If there were 200,000 provisional ballots and absentee votes in Ohio, and they were all valid votes, they would have to break at least 165,001 for Kerry to overcome Bush’s lead of 130,000.  Yes Democrats, we "anti-intellectual" conservatives know our math.  Here is some more -- that would mean that these ballots would have to be all valid and be over 82.5% for Kerry -- impossible. Yet only Fox and NBC had the guts to call Ohio before sunrise.

Finally, Senator Kerry realized he lost, and no amount of George Soros money or Michael Moore lies or stadia full of lawyers could steal him enough votes to win the election.  He called George W. Bush, congratulated him and conceded.  His formal concession comes at 12:00 noon CST.  No schismatic litigation, thank God!

Now that smell wafting across the Atlantic ocean is from the full diapers of every terrorist and every friend of terrorism.  Their gooses are cooked and they know it.  The rise in the Atlantic is from the tears of the elite leftist socialists in mainland Europe who realized that it is not their destiny to control the world anymore.  The loud cheering you hear is from every American who gets to keep his or her money and voted to keep Kerry’s mitts out of their wallets.  That wonderful ink smell in New York is from all the money from the skyrocketing Dow average; they saw who won, the rocket has launched!

Thank you Senator Kerry for realizing the truth and not dragging us through another hellish round of court battles.