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Sarah Palin is Causing Media Apoplexy

The media are collectively apopleptic over Sarah Palin.  Now I thought that her 2008 vice-presidential hopes were quashed back in 2008 when Messrs. Obama and Biden prevailed in the general election.  Then I thought that the media had roundly declared Sarah "irrelevant" and "stupid" upon her resignation as Governor of Alaska, amid a left-fueled storm of frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits that had cost her over $500,000 to the date of her resignation.  However, with the release of Governor Palinís book, the #1 best-seller (or soon will be) "Going Rogue," the media, who are in essence Mr. Obamaís front line of defense against being accountable to the people, have entered a whole new state of apoplexy.  To wit:

1. The Associated press assigned eleven "fact checkers" to comb through Mrs. Palinís book for inaccuracies.  Contrast this with Zero for Mr. Obamaís book.

2. Several extreme-left feminists have written a book, deceptively (and perhaps in violation of Section 1125 of the Trademark Act) entitled "Going Rouge," referring to Mrs. Palin as, among other things, an "American Nightmare."

3. The cover of Newsweek, carrying a picture of the governor in a very attractive exercise outfit, promised to tell readers inside why "Sheís bad news for the GOP  -- and for America."

There are numerous other examples of Sarah-hatred.  Sarah interviewed with Rush Limbaugh on the 17th, an interview which I listened to in the whole.  It took MSNBC less than 1/2 hour after the interview to deceptively splice the interview and accuse Mrs. Palin of saying things she did not.  Rush, in his usual rightness picked up on it and ran.  Rush continues to wonder, over and over, why the media are doing so much to sack Mrs. Palin.  Well, Rush knows the answer:  Sarah Palin is the most dangerous opponent to Barack Obama.  Her handpicked candidate, Mr. Hoffman, in NY-23, withdrew his concession after the trend indicates that the absentee vote has about a 50-50 chance of switching the victory to him in that special election race.

Methinks the media doth protest too much.  They know that their labels of "irrelevant," "stupid," "reactionary," and the like do not stick.  The public has a gigantic case of buyerís remorse over choosing Mr. Obama last fall.  Sarah and her common sense resonates with a people who are embarrassed that Mr. Obama schmoozed them into semi-Nazi socialism, and now the people want out before this man destroys the country, if that is possible.  The last best hope for the United States of America is Sarah Palin.  Itís premature for Conservativity to announce an endorsement for president in 2012, but I bet you can guess who the front-runner in our hearts is.