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Joe Lieberman: Continuing Integrity on Display

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman is already enshrined as the only politician in our Liberals with Integrity section, and with good reason.  This man, who in 2000 was Al Goreís running mate,  broke with the "nutroots" of his party in order to support our war in Iraq, which by all fair accounts is at the point of decisive victory -- weíre planning to depart and leave a friendly Iraqi republic in place, where human rights are respected and despotic extremists are unwelcome.

Now, Senator Lieberman has decided that under no circumstance will he support any health-care reform bill where there is a "public option" -- lefty-speak for socialized medicine.  Harry Reid and Dorky Dicky Durbin (who, ironically  has promised to filibuster the bill if the public option is omitted or significantly diluted) push hard to ram a bill through before the 2010 election seasons where the leftists are headed to a stunning wipeout if things continue along the present path.  Our Liberal Senator with integrity is the immovable object!  No GOP senator with any hope of a political future will vote for this boondoggle; one senator, Kit Bond of Missouri, has already labeled this horror of a bill as "something Bernie Madoff would really envy!"  I agree with the esteemed Senator from Missouri.

This bill is estimated to cost our country $849 BILLION over ten years.  Thatís a staggering amount in and of itself, but what many people do not realize is that the number itself is an understatement of the kind tht, if made in the private sector, would earn the company and its auditors jail time.  Hereís the scam:  The bill hikes taxes right away, vacuuming the already-sparse pockets of hard working Americans.  It then collect taxes with no expenditure for four years, then the Nazi-like healthcare rules start.  Thatís $849 billion in new costs over SIX years, after collecting ten yearsí revenue!  What a preposterous scam!

We cannot afford our present level of expenditures.  We needed to privatize Social Security when President Bush suggested that we do so.  We need, now, to reduce our expenditures on entitlements, and massively cut the size of government, not grow it geometrically into the face of a near-depression.  We cannot afford to pay off the present national debt; weíll soon be unable to service its interest.  Rush Limbaugh rightly suggests that Mr. Obamaís plan is to eviscerate our greatness by indenturing ourselves to the nefarious powers, such as Communist China, that hold large amounts of our debt.

The people mistook Mr. Obama, a hard-line leftist whose views hew much more closely to Communism than anything resembling the freedoms that the founders fought to achieve.  This scam boondoggle sow job of a health care bill is based on the same sort of perverse logic that destroyed great civilizations before.  In Rome, similar efforts to bribe the plebiscite led to the destruction of the Republic under Julius and Agustus Caesar, and escorted in the despotism of the emperors.  Those emperors kept power with lavish public works and blood-sport on a sickening level.  We have the former; how long before the latter re-emerges?

Winston Churchill, a good conservative, once said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Havenít we learned anything over thousands of years?  There can be no good derived from large and overweening government -- ever.  As the person who is credited as the founder of the Democratic party said, "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson.

Perhaps Joe Lieberman has been researching our history and has resolved not to repeat it.  I commend him whatever his motivations.