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Climategate -- Is Man-Made Global Warming a Hoax? Yes!

Here is a quote for you:   

"Iíve just completed Mikeís Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keithís to hide the decline."  

If that one is not enough for you, how about this? 

"The fact is that we canít account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we canít. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate."  

And, if that one does not get your goat,  there is this one:  

"Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4 (AR4 is a critical weather measuring station)?  Keith will do likewise. Heís not in at the moment Ė minor family crisis.  Can you also email Gene and get him to do the same? I donít have his new email address.  We will be getting Caspar to do likewise."

These quotes are in email messages obtained from the University of East Angliaís Climate Research Unit, literally the World Central Command of the man-made Global warming camp.  They show a consistent pattern of deception, destruction of evidence and significant admissions of the fact that they cannot prove that the Earth is warming, much less that man is the sole or even primary cause of it.  The extreme Left, which were hoping to use this manufactured phenomenon as an excuse to dismantle the America they hate from the economy outward, are apopleptic, complaining that: (i) The emails were hacked; and (ii) They were taken out of context, and taken as a whole, merely reflect sound scientific process.

First, it appears that these emails were indeed hacked.  I am no fan of hacking, and was disgusted when Sarah Palinís email account was hacked by the son of a Democrat operative.  I do not rejoice in the fact that these emails were obtained as the result of unlawful conduct.  It does not make one whit of difference that they were released, and the release proved a globally-important point.  It also does not matter one whit that these nefarious secrets would stay both secret and nefarious were it not for the hacker.  The end does not justify the means.  That is a conservative axiom.

However, it is now not possible to unring the bell.  The hackers did not extort the CRU, which certainly would have been profitable for them; they released 61 megabytes of emails to the world and shed light on the blatant and obscene deceptions engineered by the CRU.  The fact that they were hacked does not make the emails themselves phony.  No person at CRU denies the genuineness of any of the exposed emails.  The argument that the contents of the emails should be disregarded because they were obtained by unlawful means would have weight in a court of law, where evidence must be obtained lawfully to be legally before the court.  However, this information was introduced before the court of public opinion.  In this court, the rules are lax, and the people who the far Left is trying to force to dramatically lower their standard of living to kow-tow to their dictates have a compelling interest in ultimate truths.  In this case, the ultimate truth is: "Is man-made global warming real or a hoax?"

In light of the emails, I would say that CRU, upon whose data depends the "consensus" of scientists who advocate the putative reality of the phenomenon, has been discredited fully.  The CRU admits in its emails that its system "is inadequate."  CRU admits that it used a "trick" to inflate the apparent global warming.  CRU admits that its staff attempted to delete internal correspondence from its email system, thus, we do not know how many more measures were fudged or even fabricated, or what other inadequacies exist in the research upon which the extreme left depends to underpin their doomsday scenarios.

CRU staffers discuss "redefining" what "peer review" means in order to squelch disagreement -- such conduct is flagrantly unscientific.  Criticism by peers is the most important safety mechanism to prevent bad science from being taken as fact.

So we have the vast majority of the worldís man-made global warming research now made highly suspect, even when taking every fact in the very best possible light toward CRU.  A reasonable person is entitled, based on the uncovered proofs of fraud, to take the entire body of CRUís research to be bunk / worthless / garbage / phony / scammed / hoax (choose your own descriptor).  

What is the reaction of the extreme left, aside from the aforementioned howls of fouls?  Statements saying that the pieces of ice breaking off one part of the Arctic ice cap are all the proof we need.  Of course, that fact means nothing unless one measures the total ice cap size coverage of the entire planet.  If one measures global phenomena, one must relate all localized events to the entire planet.  I am not even a PhD, and I know that much.  If the entire Arctic ice cap melts away, but the total ice coverage of the planet increases, then there is no loss of ice planet-wide.  Duh.

The extreme Left is losing their ability to force the people to do what they want (which is to destroy Americaís greatness) with this canard.  They are freaked out, for their deception is unveiled, and in a particularly humiliating manner.  This explains all of the Leftís efforts to say that the revelations in the emails mean nothing.  Even James Carville, who is Left in the loony nut-root extreme, admits that the Left is now losing this argument.  Of course; the American people donít like being fed a line of lies.

As far as context goes, there are 61 megabytes of emails.  Where are the exculpatory emails?  The Left cite none of which I am aware.  CRU has not released any email or other content to refute the "smoking gun" emails cited herein and others.  Silence in the face of evidence leaves nothing but the damning evidence before the people.

In the end, the emails prove: (i) The climate models of the CRU are not adequate or accurate; (ii) The data released to the public has been fudged; and (iii) CRU tried to silence its critics in order to prevent meaningful peer review.  The facts bear out that "Climategate" has exposed a hoax.  Thank God it was exposed before the Congress hobbled America with ridiculous legislation to combat a non-existent problem.  The trouble is that the hoaxers have not been silenced, even by this humiliation.  They may not be rebutting the emails with facts, but they are adamantly denying the emails impeach CRUís research.  Sometimes, if you repeat a big lie often enough, people believe it.  The Democrat party, like its muse Josef Goebbels, love the big lie.  The extreme Left cannot be taken as defeated, until they are.

Is man-made global warming a hoax?  The evidence says YES.