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John Coleman: An Unlikely Inductee

As a child, I grew up in Chicago, listening to its most famous weatherman.  Chicagoans under 40 will immediately leap up and say, "Tom Skilling!"  Wrong!  While Mr. Skilling is a great weatherman, notwithstanding his "black sheep" brother Jeff and what that man did to Enron, he wasnít even on the air when John Coleman was the weatherman you loved to watch.  True, we had Jim Tilmon, with his airline pilotís perspective and his Federal fraud trial (acquitted).  We had Harry Volkmann, who was dry but detailed.  But then there was JOHN COLEMAN!  With made up words like "Thowers" and "Thorms" -- coined words I donít have to explain for you to get their meanings -- he was a ratings hit, and he knew his stuff as well.  John Coleman was Chicagoís first weather Superstar.

From Chicago, he went on to national prominence as weatherman for Good Morning America.  From there, he went where no weatherman has gone before:  He founded his own cable network, The Weather Channel.  Now thatís a name you all know.  John cashed out many years ago, and enjoyed a lavish retirement built off his decades of hard work.    Then, he decided that he could not stay retired and again went back to his first love, on-air weather, in San Diego.  So far, so good.  A hard working person becomes productive and creates jobs.  The Conservative Ideal.  However, that is not the kind of stand-out conservatism that pushes someone into the Conservatitivy Hall of Fame.

After Mr. Coleman retired, he became an outspoken critic of the theory -- now properly categorized as a hoax -- of man-made global warming.  Coleman was, however, not some skeptic whom the scientific community could dismiss as a crackpot.  For, Mr. Coleman is the opposite of a crackpot.  He is an accomplished meteorologist.  He is a scientist in his own right, having used his scientific knowledge to advance mankind with his weather predictions and a channel dedicated to educating the people about the weather.  And yes, John Coleman is on record bemoaning what has become of his beloved Weather Channel, and its ridiculous sycophancy to the hoax of man-made global warming.

Now, John Coleman has written again about the Climategate hoax, on Pajamas Media.  Here is the link.  Now he properly and rightly bemoans how the mainstream media is completely ignoring the scandal, and promoting the presidentís and Congressí ridiculous plans to destroy American prosperity in the name of this hoax.  In this article, John Coleman addresses the mediaís dismissiveness of the hoax at CRU:

"Those who counter this argument by saying there are three other databases, and the two that use surface temperatures agree with this data, need to rethink what they are saying. Think about it. The CRU data is scientifically meaningless, and the scientists at the other centers are in constant contact with the scientists at CRU. There is a strong likelihood that the other databases are similarly without scientific merit."

Bravo!  Hit the nail on the head!  

Some people will excoriate Coleman for engaging in the "bad company" logical fallacy, but that misreads Mr. Colemanís statement.  It should be noted that other groups base their conclusions upon CRU data, shown to be hoax.  Saying that CRU Data is hoax, therefore the agreeing data is hoax, may be considered to be post hoc ergo propter hoc, but we can shout back that the entire "consensus of scientific community" argument is fallacious Argumentum ad Verecundiam.  Mr. Coleman has chosen an unpopular path, but it is the path of truth.

John Coleman may be an unlikely inductee to our Hall of Fame, but an inductee he is.

John Coleman is welcomed into the Conservativity Commentatorsí Hall of Fame.