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Merging Two of my Favorite Topics

Sarah Palin has written an op-ed in The Washington Post about so-called man-made global warming.  Read this wonderful piece here.  Mrs. Palin proves, among other things, that she is intelligent, cogent and articulate.  She out-writes half of the leftist columnists that I spend time reading.  Furthermore, she demonstrates a strong command of the facts and draws sound conclusions from those facts.  She speaks about Climategate, referring to the Climate Research unit at East Anglia as a "highly politicized scientific circle."  Mrs. Palin is quite gracious; referring to CRU as "scientific" is too generous in my opinion.

Of course, the commentary in the linked article has polarized into staunch defenders and those who deride Mrs. Palin as an idiot without even bothering to read the op-ed past its byline, or if they did do so, turned a blind eye to her literacy and cogency.  Mrs. Palin endsher article by declaring that President Obama should boycott the conference.

Thereís another article, this one from the UKís Daily Telegraph.  In this article, Christopher Booker lambastes the Copenhagen UN conference, and its participants.   He notes that the participants are: (i) Large nations expected to decimate their economies in order to reduce a "greenhouse gas" without any scientifically-reliable proof as to its deleterious effects; and (ii) Developing countries who want the large countries not only to decimate their own economies, but also to pay draconian reparations to them for their co-operation in going "green."  For those small countries, I guess the term for them would be "going greed."

Mr. Booker correctly notes that the United Kingdom has enacted the same nonsensical regulations that are contained in the pending Waxman-Markey bill in Congress.  Waxman-Markey is no less than legislation designed to destroy American prosperity -- permanently.  The bill is already having horrific effects in the UK.  The Tories are imminently to rise to power and repeal this ridiculous legislation.  Our only prayer of avoiding a fate worse than the UK is to kick the Democrats out in 2010, which, thank God, looks more likely with each passing day.

Mrs. Palin gives excellent advice in her op-ed:

"Our representatives in Copenhagen should remember that good environmental policymaking is about weighing real-world costs and benefits -- not pursuing a political agenda."

I doubt that the extreme leftists, who are America haters one and all, will heed Sarah Palinís wisdom.  I pray that the GOP in the Senate will filibuster any treaty that the president foolishly signs.

One last thing... Sarah Palin is making a compelling case that she should be our next president.  Sheís got my vote!