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Pure and Simple Chaos

The government of the United States of America is controlled by one party:  the Democrats.  If they stick together, there is nothing the GOP or anyone else can do to prevent the leftists from governing by near-fiat.  True, the courts could find their enactments unconstitutional, but theyíve yet to do so in any important matter since the Supreme Court invalidated FDRís extreme-left "National Recovery Act."  Now, the Senate works to pass something -- anything -- to be able to say that the Congress enacted some sort of "health care reform."  The problem is that Joe Lieberman held the lefties hostage until they gutted the bill, and they still cannot get Ben Nelson or Blanche Lincoln on board for the gutted version.  On the other side, Bernie Sanders and Roland Burris will filibuster anything short of nationalization.  The GOP rightly sits entrenched against this neo-Nazi governmental takeover of 18% of our economy.  President Obama stays out of the fray, preferring to do his arm-twisting behind closed doors.  The Congress passed a second buddy-payoff -- oops, "stimulus" -- bill with zero GOP votes.  The horrific climate boondoggle unravels as we speak.  In short, the government is in chaos.

Why the chaos?  To start, the lefties have more power than they have had in decades.  They have a near-uncontrollable urge to use that power, rapidly and impatiently, to remake the United States into the socialist utopia that they desire more than life itself.  The polls show that the public is not merely angry, it is enraged.  The Democrats are horribly unpopular.  The GOPís efforts to block the leftistsí plan are excoriated by the lefties and a sycophantic media.  Nonetheless, these socialists engage in wholesale efforts to eviscerate our prosperity and freedoms in the name of "health care" and the environment, both transparent attempts to place themselves in control of our lives -- because they sincerely believe that all who disagree with them are evil or moronic, or both.  A maxim: To liberals, only liberals know what is good for everyone.  What is good?  Their control -- nothing else.  The freedom that is a sweet aroma to good Americans is a foul stench to the leftists, for it leaves you with the possibility of dissent from their self-serving paternalism.  Therefore, the leftists will do anything they can to subject you to their rule -- irrevocably and totally -- before you can even sense it.  Of course that is impossible; however, liberalsí preconception of non-liberals as morons leads them to erroneously believe in your and my dullness of wit.

Thus, they scramble to enslave capitalism with government "aid," and to nationalize as much of America as they can, as rapidly as they can.  In this mad rush to outrun the electorate, who is relentlessly pursuing them with the chainsaw of electoral power, the Left scrambles to enact anything.  The resulting chaos, which would otherwise be hilarious, is in this case alarming.  The GOP wisely forced the reading of the entire amended health care bill in the Senate; the Democrats flouted Senate rules by withdrawing the amendment without unanimous consent to prevent the reading from continuing.  Nancy Pelosi continues to make pronouncements as if she were speaker-for-life, and not about to lose her majority and be forced to hand her gavel to John Boehner in about 380 days.

The health care chaos is even more interesting as Harry Reid, a lame-duck even now, tries to dance in the middle of an impossible Mexican standoff.  At the same time, President Obama schemes to figure out how he can go to Copenhagen with some sort of Messianic proclamation to restore his megalomaniacal appreciation of himself to the world.  Meanwhile Hillary Clinton involved herself in the Copenhagen conference and in several other popular matters (e.g., the Brazilian father denied his son).  She is the consummate Great White smelling blood in the water, and preparing a skillful 2012 primary challenge -- her effort to make Obama the first president whose party refused to renominate him (without any intervening pledge not to run) since the Whigs did it to Millard Fillmore.

It is chaotic.  Some people think that this is a bunch of organized plots interacting badly.  I agree ; fort hat is the definition of chaos.  Meanwhile, the GOP merely sits back and stays unified, resulting in this chaos sputtering haplessly out of control.  Tom Coburn causes 700-plus page bills to be read on the Senate Floor, thus keeping anything from being enacted.  He is a hero.  The leftists cannot credibly blame the GOP for their own disunity.  In fact, they have their own fractious coalition building method to blame for this chaos.  Pelosi recruited "Blue Dog" Democrats, who will not go along with her every whim as she had hoped.  Pelosi is perplexed at why these Blue Dogs are not of the same sort of bait-and-switch cloth as she is; their integrity confuses her.  Leftists rail at Joe Lieberman, who held the health destruction bill hostage because, I believe, Joe loves this country and does not want to destroy it.

Chaos, chaos, chaos.  Everything is a lose-lose proposition for the lefties now.  We have a chance to survive.