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Evil Back-Room deals.

The President, along with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are conducting a series of back-door negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the healthcare boondoggle that the people do not want.  They are bypassing the normal reconciliation committee process to do this unusual maneuver.  They are negotiating in secret.  Republicans are completely excluded from the process, apparently lest they propose something that would forestall total leftist control over our healthcare system, and hence, our very lives (as Mark Steyn said yesterday wile filling in for Rush, "At end of life, the cheapest healthcare alternative is a lethal handful of pills.").

Everything is being done at high speed so that Mr. Obama might brag at next monthís State of the Union address, or so goes the media template.  However, in my opinion, the true reason for rushing this evil power-grab of a bill is to get it enacted before the people know what hit them.  It is also the leftistsí attempt to solidify the base prior to the 2010 mid-term elections, which portend to be ruinous for the liberty-hating Democrats.   In fact, this all may be for naught.  If the special election to replace the late senator Ted Kennedy, puts the GOP senator into office, the entire process is over, because Scott Brown, the aforementioned GOP candidate is suprisingly close to Democrat Martha Coakley, and gaining ground rapidly.  If Mr. Brown wins, it would "rock American Politics."  It would also destroy Mr. Reidís fragile 60-vote block.  Assuming that the GOP holds together (see below), liberty wins and so do the people, as this evil bill dies.

The Democrats, in their endless quest to vomit upon the legacy of their putative founder, Thomas Jefferson, are rushing to ignore the will of the majority.  Why?  In order to give us the uniformly-horrible health care of the British National Health Service, which the Tories are presently suggesting be disbanded, and preparing to ride their plans to a majority in the UK.  Who will be our Tories?  I this case, we have two groups of nobles rushing to our aid: (i) The Blue Dogs in the House, led by Congress Stupak; and (ii) the entire Senate Republican caucus.  We also, at this time, have a group of Congresspersons, led by Louise Slaughter, who are pushing the other way, to force a "public option" into the bill.

Stupak and the Blue Dogs find the Senateís provisions for abortion funding unacceptable -- the bill will force people who find abortion to be murder to pay for the procedure for other people via involuntary payments to the government.  They compose 14 people who will not vote for the present Senate bill.  Remember that the House version passed by five votes  Louise Slaughter has marshaled a block of at least ten leftists who are demanding a public option -- government healthcare insurance -- be included in the present bill.  So we have, at least until the pressure comes from the leftist leadership, something of a Mexican standoff in the House.

In the Senate, we have another series of Mexican standoffs.  Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson (who is in grave danger of being booted from the Senate in 2012 over this issue)  will never vote for the public option.  Mitch McConnell has done a wonderful job of holding together the GOP coalition.  Zero GOP defectors mean that the Democrats must be unified, but their fractious coalition is showing its fractiousness.  Harry Reid cannot afford a single defector.  More than Lieberman and Nelson are put into play if the House stands pat on the Stupak Amendment and taxes trashed in the Senate version of the bill.  The left coast Ladies (Boxer, Feinstein) will object to the Stupak Amendment, and will hold ground.  It could be a situation of strange bedfellows as conservatives and liberals filibuster the bill.  To me, such a development would be wonderful for this country and its future.

The evil is trying to prevail against our Liberty.  The Congress must be stopped from implementing this horrible thing against our wills.  Make your opinion known to both of your Senators and your Congressperson.  Everyone who sits back in complacence is effectively giving assent to this horrible thing.