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Scott Brown: The Beginning of the End of Evil Leftism

Martha Coakley is not a bad candidate politically speaking.  Strategically, running an ultra-left attorney General in an ultra-left state seemed to the Democrat elites like a no-brainer.  In point of fact, the decision was a no-brainer.  Mrs. Coakley led by over 30 points in September.  So why did Scott Brown pull off a five point victory in the election to replace Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy?  Did Martha Coakley bumble and stumble until the electorate handed Mr. Brown the seat from frustration?  Not at all.  The items that the Democrat detractors cite, such as Mrs. Coakleyís reticence to press the flesh as Mr. Brown did, were nits.  The Massachusetts special election of January 19, 2010 was the first scream of a fed-up people!  The people of America have had it with big government being rammed down their throats.  

Massachusetts is among the most left-leaning states, with perhaps only Vermont being further to the left.  Yet, the people voted for Mr. Brown to give the GOP a safe filibuster to block the most nefarious parts of the Leftís evil agenda, such as the health-care "reform" debacle, which is nothing less than the Leftís attempt to force people into their vision of equal outcomes, no matter how many people die because of it.  The Washington Post buried the findings of a poll that shows that American sentiment is the opposite of what the government is doing:  People who favor smaller government with fewer services outnumbered the big government types by five percentage points when Barack Obama was sworn in a year ago.  Now that margin is twenty points, with 58 percent of the people against the very expansion that the Leftists, in their evil machinations are attempting to force upon us all.  You think that Scott Brown winning by five in Massachusetts -- a take-them-to-the-woodshed-whipping kind of result in this ultra-blue state, just might be a backlash?  Is the sky blue?

The leftists realize that their time of control is nearing an end.  That is why they are trying now to shove their warped, deluded fascist vision of America -- run by the "Woodstock hippies" who run the Democrat party in Congress -- down our throats.  Like all leftists from Stalin to Hitler to Mao, they believe that they know what is good for you better than you do.  Thus, they want to force you into kow-towing to their vision of America as an all-powerful state, where conservative thought is banned, and your liberty is supplanted by centralized control.  They rush to figure out a way to shove this dung into our gullets before we retch them all out of office.

Thank God, the clock seems to have expired on their evil plans.  Scott Brown is the beginning of the end of the evils that are all manner of leftist thinking, and especially the consummate evil that is the Democrat party.  It is a maxim that the Democrat party, and each and every one of its leftist adherents, hates America, hates the Constitution, and hates the notion of equality.

This is not the end of the beginning, it is the beginning of the end -- of government tyranny.  Now, in the next 2 1/2 years, letís go forth and elect 535 legislators, a Vice-President and a President, all of a mind to dismantle the vast majority of the Federal behemoth, just as the people have asked for us to do in the Washington Post poll.  Let us further amend the Constitution in order to make it impossible for Congress to ever enact such evil legislation again!  No more government-run health care, retirement plan Ponzi schemes, or ridiculous regulations.  Enough to keep the people safe from foreign and domestic enemies, and to punish interstate criminals, and to keep interstate and international commerce  honest.  Thatís all we need.