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The People are Smart: Why the Health-Care Boondoggle Enrages Us

The people are smart.  They know a rip-off when they see one.  The health-care "reform" bill put forth in the Congress, and (thankfully) still not law so enraged them that an ultra-Democrat state, Massachusetts, just elected a conservative Republican to finish the term of Edward Kennedy.  The Democrats, still in a state of denial that boggles the mind, blame Mr. Brownís 5-plus point victory on a bad campaign my Martha Coakley, his opponent.  Barack Obama tried to say that the people elected Scott Brown, a Republican, because of the problems of the "last eight years."  Thatís right Barack Obama blamed a Republican victory on popular anger at his Republican predecessor!  Wow.  If the people remain this angry with the GOP, the rage will propel it to veto-proof majorities of both houses!  But I digress.  The election was made, by Mr. Brown, into a referendum on health-care "reform."  The people hate the concept.

Why do the people hate the concept:

1. The people know that it is not a civil right to force someone else to pay for medical care.  Medical care is a service and a commodity.  The whole notion of people not paying for health care was rooted in companiesí efforts to avoid socialist changes in the 1930s; locating a benefit that employers could offer their employees that would avoid taxation.  Now, invoking their mantra of equal outcomes, the leftists want to socialize medicine via government takeover.  However, someone has to pay for medical care.  Will doctors take a 75% pay cut, especially when the Congressí plan does nothing to protect them from massive lawsuits and insane money judgments?  How will they pay their malpractice premiums?  The premium for an obstetrician with five yearsí experience can easily exceed $100,000 per year.  the costs in the health care system are driven by the amount of time that hospitals and doctors must wait for payment, and also by government regulations that require hospitals to treat all emergency patients regardless of ability to pay.

Young people do not want to be forced to buy health insurance until they need it.  Others, who prefer to carry less insurance and manage costs by paying in cash up front, do not want that option taken from them.  People who work donít want choking government regulations causing their premiums to skyrocket.  Those with good insurance donít want to be hit with a punishment tax to pay for other people.  People want to spend their money as they see fit.  

2. The people know that socialized medicine is the goal of the Left and they do not want it.  Everywhere in the world where socialized medicine exists, there are three common consequences:  (i) Long delays for care; (ii) Lousy medicine for all; and (iii) poorer health for all.  In England, the National Health Service is on the way out once the Tories are elected this year.  Why?  Because of the horrible abuses.  People are prohibited from privately retaining doctors to help them when there are delays, because they "should not be able to buy better service than the rest of us."  Why not?  The NHS cannot afford the best medical equipment, or the best medications, or any service at the speed people need it.  Socialized medicine kills people every single day, and in numbers far more than could possibly benefit.

The Left wants this because the Left wants power -- eternal power.  In order to achieve eternal power, the Left must force the plebiscite into utter dependency upon the government.  If you become dependent of the lousy-but-free medical of the Left, and you will because of their choking taxation, then you will reel in terror at the thought of the loss of that upon which you depend.  That vicious cycle is forcing Russia back to centralized control; the people had become dependent on the government for everything.  Cold-turkey capitalism nearly killed Russia by putting it into withdrawal.  Socialized medicine is the lynchpin of forcing government dependence upon the people.  

"Government big enough to provide everything you need is big enough to take everything you have."  The people know this maxim and voted against the government.

3. The people know that weíll never be able to pay for it.  You know itís bad when China is telling us in the press that there is not enough money in the world to fuel the Leftís ambitions, especially as Mr. Obama has set them out.  Weíre still in a horrible recession, so Mr. Obama wants to tax the banks?  Banks wonít even lend money now because they fear government takeover -- they simply use near 0% fed money to buy Treasury bonds at 3%.  If there is a tax hike of any kind, this recession will tip into a depression.  The real estate market has yet to find a bottom.  The u^ unemployment number, which includes those who have been out of work so long they stopped looking, is at 17.6%  That is the comparable unemployment number to the Great Depression, which saw 25% unemployment. We know that a "jobless recovery" is an illusion, and people out there with no jobs who will be forced to buy health insurance or pay a fine to the IRS can still vote!  They voted their self-preservation.

Until the jobs come back, there is no recovery.  Government can never spend a recession away.  The people know this.  Actually, if you remove government jobs from the job-growth number, you will see that the private sector is still shedding jobs!  There is still a war in Afghanistan.  We cannot simply bail, pr Mr. Obama would have done so.  He sees the secret reports.  His concern for the threat to this country outweighed his incredibly leftist ideology.  That threat is therefore severe.  How do you spend a trillion here and a trillion there before the national debt becomes a large percentage of the worldwide money supply?  Weíre there already.  

There is not enough money in the world to finance Mr. Obamaís spending spree.  The people know this and voted for sanity.

Why are the people enraged?  They donít want the government to force them into lousy health insurance that could easily kill them, just to give the leftists more power, orto allow the president to spend literally all the money in the world to set up an impossible socialist utopia.

Hurrah for the people!