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The Beginning of the Liberty Resurgence.

The Supreme Court, in Citizens United v. FEC, struck down Federal laws banning corporations, both for-profit and non-profit, from paying for political ads.  Said ruling recognized a right to speech by said corporations, and cemented that right as inviolate in political campaigns.  In fact, Justice Kennedyís opinion was strongly written, excoriating the "complete ban" on political ads paid for by corporations.  The Left is apopleptic at the notion that Corporations, who they have routinely branded as evil, can now defend themselves.  The Left states that people will be "force-fed a steady diet of lies, distortions and five-second sound bites shorn of all context"  (Brian Dickerson in The Detroit Free Press).  However, this appears to be whining on the part of those who enacted criminal penalties for political speech, and saw then struck down as the nefarious anti-constitutional statutes they are.  The resurgence of Liberty has hit America.

Now Wal-Mart can sponsor ads against candidates who support "card check," which is nothing short of union intimidation to force a companyís employees to sign or reject the union without the protection of a secret ballot.  When Big Carmine and Sal the Enforcer are standing over you to "encourage" you to unionize, you may just say yes out of terror.  That is what the unions, whose intimate ties to organized crime appear to be their most resilient traits, want.  Now Wal-Mart can advertise about the pressure, and about the savings they provide.  The Supremes made it clear that Wal-Mart must identify itself as the source of the ad.  Now, Wal-Mart has a say to protect itself and its shareholders from the horrific anti-constitutional laws designed to silence it.  The resurgence of Liberty has hit America!

The Left says that corporate advertisers will make up lies and run them in attack ads.  To the extent that such is libelous, corporations (with deep pockets) will avoid unlawful tactics, which cannot be said about political campaigns, which are known for their economy with the truth, especially when the candidate is Democrat.  Corporations must affix their names to their ads.  If WWE wants to help its CEO, Linda McMahon, win the open Connecticut Senate seat this fall, it will have to identify its ads.  They are fully able to attach Richard Blumenthal (the Democrat) as they see fit.  There is plenty with which to attack a grandstanding attorney general infamous for using the legal system to shake businesses down, and in the process, harming Connecticut.  Now, labor unions can produce ads as well, and their members have no say over what those ads say.  That is a side-effect of the decision.  Great.  Let everyone speak.  This is America!

This decision is wonderful.  It is a first step, a wonderful and strong first step, in dismantling choking political speech restrictions that would have had the founders in a state of rage.  Liberty resurges in America!  Hurrah!