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Canada's Health Care Nearly Kills the World's Strongest Man!

Brock Lesnar looks like a monster.  Heís huge, muscular, powerful.  First a superstar in Vince McMahonís WWE, he left to try to go into the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings.  He did, however, land a hot wife, Rena "Sable" Mero.  He landed in Ultimate Fighting Championship.  He has won all but his debut fight, and is the reigning UFC champion.  He is widely considered to be the strongest man on Earth.  

However, while in Canada, a came of "mono" suddenly took a turn for the worse.  He was hospitalized in Canada, touted by extreme leftists as an "ideal" healthcare state.  At the hospital, the only CT scanner was broken.  While doctors were hunting for a spare part, Mr. Lesnarís condition worsened.  Finally, Mr. Lesnarís wife packed him in the car and brought him to the United States.  The hospital to which he was brought immediately scanned Mr. Lesnar, and diagnosed diverticulitis, a hole in his colon.  Surgical intervention followed, and even then, it appeared that Mr. Lesnar might still lose his colon.

All is well for Mr. Lesnar, but on ESPN, he has referred to Canada, healthcare-wise as a "Third World Country."  Mr. Lesnar also said:

"The only reason Iím mentioning this, Iím mentioning it to the United States of America because President Obama is looking for health care reform and I donít want it ... Iím speaking on behalf of Americans, Iím speaking on behalf of our doctors in the United States that donít want this to happen and neither do I."

Brock Lesnar has it right.  He would likely have died in Canada were it not for his wifeís wise actions.  Do we want this kind of nightmare to play out here, as pinhead bureaucrats make decisions based not on the value of our lives but rather on what pinches the taxpayer penny most effectively?  Not on my kids.

Socialized medicine nearly killed the Worldís Strongest Man.  Letís spread his story so that the Worldís Strongest Man can help kill socialized medicine!