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Evan Bayh has resigned from the Senate after two terms.  Mr. Bayh is an Indiana legend and legacy (his dad was the inimitable Birch Bayh).  One thing for which Mr. Bayh was known was his undefeated elections streak.  Now, Indiana is a conservative state.  However, Mr. Bayh voted for the immensely unpopular "stimulus" bill, properly callked "Porkulus" by such patriots as Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh.  Mr. Bayh also voted for the despised health care boondoggle.  Mr. Bayhís popularity was low enough that he was in danger of losing his first election.  Instead he retired from politics and stated that he will not stand for re-election.

In the February 16, 2010 entry to HorseRaceBlog, reprinted in Real Clear Politics, Jay cost stated his opinion that Mr. Bayh is not planning some sort of presidential run in 2012; he believes that Mr. Bayh did not retire to distance himself from the policies of the radical Left.  Jay Cost thinks that Evan Bayh has left politics.  Period.  Cost speculates that Evan Bayh was essentially dragged by the nose to support unpopular legislation by his partyís leadership.  Assuming he is correct (and I do not agree), Mr. Bayh disqualified himself from the White House by showing the lack of a spine.  If Bayh had aspirations to be President, he should have stood hard and loud against these horrible pieces of legislation.  He would have guaranteed his re-election in Indiana, and shown his popularity as a "conservative Democrat" (actually a not-so-leftist Leftist).  That would have given Bayh traction with the Clinton Democrats, who are only extreme Leftists until they make the people howl, and then they pull back and triangulate.  

Mr. Bayh was identified as a puppet of the Obama socialists.  The pundits, who are generally tilted toward the Left, thought Mr. Bayh narrowly secure.  However, Mr. Bayh, the experienced and undefeated political champion, decided that it was better to retire than to fight one more time.  This is good.  Mr. Bayh goes out with his prestige relatively intact.  However, the Democrats in Indiana have three days from the date of this article to get a replacement candidate together, or the GOP will be facing a no-name on the ballot!  This seat, which was leaning Democrat a week ago, is now a highly likely GOP pick-up.

While there are Leftist pundits in denial over the issue, it is becoming more and more likely that 2010 will result in a massive housecleaning.  The GOP is within reach of taking control of both houses of Congress.  This is why the Leftists are frantically trying to figure out a way to cram their boondoggles down our throats before they are thrown out of office.  February 15, 2010 marks another milestone in the grand task of recapturing Liberty from the Left.