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Reconciliation -- with Defeat

President Obama simply cannot take "NO!" for an answer.  The people loudly and forcefully laid the smack down upon the entirety of his extreme-left Socialist agenda.  "NO!" to the deceptively-named "stimulus" bill, in reality a handout to Democrat-supporting special interests.  "NO!" to the "jobs" bill that the Senate just passed on February 22, 2010.  "NO!" to the Congressí attempts to tax this country into ruin to remedy the now-discredited theory of man-made global warming.  And, Finally, "HELL NO!" to a government takeover of our nationís health care system!  

As an aside, I realize that Democrats will howl that there is no "public option" in either the Senate bill or in Mr Obamaís proposal.  Their howls are sophistry.  Both bills are designed to make private health insurance unworkable, so that a government takeover can be proposed as the only "solution" at a later date.  Nefarious?  You bet.  Assuming good faith of a left-winger is dangerous.  Ask those in the past who have trusted Mr. Obamaís intellectual kindred:  Mao-Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Pol Pot, Ho-Chi Minh, etc.  The left wing leaders of the last 125 years have been horrifying despots.  Mr. Obama is no different at heart.  He believes that he knows how you should live your life better than you do, and he is bound and determined to erase your freedom and impose his will on you by force of law.  If he could have gotten away with it, he would have already imposed his will on you by force of arms.

Now, in the latest and most hideous chapter in the macabre circus into which the Obama regime has devolved, Mr. Obama and the leftists in the Congress are attempting to squelch the voice of the people and evade the Republican filibuster that is the only thing protecting the overwhelming majority of Americans from subjugation to Obamaís warped and evil vision of American health care.  It is sickening and evil when the minority in the Senate is the last-ditch force to advocate and protect the preferences of a large majority of the populace.  It also explains how the Conservative resurgence gains steam by the millisecond.

If you fail to believe that Mr. Obama is a despot based on this evidence?  His EPA director, into the face of evidence that the basis for man-made global warming is unreliable at best, has unilaterally declared carbon dioxide, a necessary nutrient for plants including food crops, is a dangerous pollutant that needs to be regulated!  Since Mr. Obama could not cram his will down the people by the Congress, his cabinet will simply rule by decree, basing said rulings on phony science.  "Despot" may understate Mr. Obama.

Now, the Democrats are planning to force the House to pass the Senate plan, and then to use budget reconciliation to evade the will of the people, as manifested when Massachusetts elected Scott Brown to replace Ted Kennedy.  Now, this scheme may not succeed.  Specifically, Bart Stupak will not vote for any bill that puts government money into the vicious murder of unborn babies -- abortion.  He has about a dozen Democrats in his camp.  The Lousie Slaughter Mexican stand-off is also still there, with Ms. Slaughter and her 10 or so disciples refusing to vote for anything that fails to contain a full-blown public option system.  Both camps would have to completely capitulate for the Senate bill to be passed in the House.  While I think that Ms. Slaughter and he cronies might be bought off, it seems that Mr. Stupakís group is solid as of this writing.

However, Mr. Obama and his crew are bound and determined to cram this down the throats of the people.  They reason: (i) They know better than the people who elected them how their lives should be lived  -- All Democrats believe that the people are morons who only need be bought off with government largesse; (ii) Unless the Democrats pass something, they will be regarded as ineffective by their base; and (iii) They can increase long-term extended despotic dominance, notwithstanding the inevitable electoral whipping come November, which Obama does not really care about, by laying the foundation for another "third rail" entitlement.

I believe that this strategy will be defeated, twice.  Specifically, I believe that, first, the House will not pass the Senate bill; Mr. Stupakís faction will hold.  I also believe that the people are watching, and have demonstrated a long memory since January 20, 2009.  The people will unleash their wrath at the ballot box, and hand both houses of Congress to the GOP.  Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Blanche Lincoln and other Democrat senators will be former senators.

Letís all pray that the defeat comes before Mr. Obama destroys America.