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A Grand Old Party at the GOP!

58,878,565.  The most votes a presidential Candidate has ever received. 

3.  The net gain of Senate seats.

4.  The net gain of House seats, so far. 

28. The number of GOP governors, after picking up Mitch Daniels in Indiana, and others. 

1. The number of top Democratic Senate leaders that were ejected from the Senate. 

Election Day 2004 was not just a win.  It was a blowout!  This is a landslide.  W wins the popular vote and gets a larger Congressional margin.  It is no less than a resonant mandate!  Itís party time at the GOP, and considering the crappy way he was treated when he entered office (selected not elected, your president not mine, etc), itís time to pursue the Bush agenda and not Madisonian compromise.

The left is already acting as if their defeat entitles them to deference.  What?  I thought LSD was illegal in this country.  The people have given the libs a massive stomp-job.  The people have spoken, and the supremely arrogant elisist leftists are scolding them for the impudence of voting them utterly out of power.  Itís time to teach them a lesson.

I know that I wrote about being graceful at 1:00AM CST.  But then the people sent the left the whallop of a lifetime.  Our beloved president now needs to act solely on that mandate.  Mr. President: Treat your victory as the peopleís orders to do absolutely everything that you said you would do!  Exercise your God-given wisdom and judgment to protect us, and get on it!  Weíll back you!  God Bless you.