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Health Care Swindle - Blocked by Democrat Disunity

Ever since Scott Brown won the Senate seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy, the Democrats, led by President Obama, have fought to find a way to pass the health care "reform" bill notwithstanding unanimous GOP opposition and its horrific unpopularity.  There have been literally hundreds of news stories in the last two months, each and every one touting that the Democrats are planning to cram this down the peoplesí throats by causing the House to pass the Senate bill, and then using "budget reconciliation" to fine-tune the bill.  However, the bill is still nowhere to be seen.  Nothing has passed.  Why?

The first reason that there is no bill is because The Democrats are disunited.  There is a Mexican standoff.  One side there are the extreme-left Dems, who demand single-payer, and would, if they could, ban private health care and make it a government controlled service. On the other side, there are those who are unwilling to allow the government to pay for abortions.  Neither faction is willing to compromise. Yes, yes, I know that Bart Stupak, leader of the no-pay-for-abortion faction, thought there might be a compromise and said so on March 8, 2010.  However, unless both factions fully cave, there is no passing the Senate bill.

There is also a third faction arising in the House: the Wonít vote for the boondoggle because they are afraid of the voter crowd.  This faction is growing.  No matter how much Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi say that congressmen should be willing to vote for this swindle -- even if it means losing the seat -- self-interest wins out over principle every time when a Democrat is involved.  There are at least four committee chairmen, leadership members, who actively oppose the Senate bill.  If Mrs. Pelosi cannot keep her own senior leaders in line, what is there to pressure the rank-and-file congressmen to vote yes?

Therefore, it is unlikely that Mrs. Pelosi has amassed more than 200 votes to approve the Senate bill.  She needs 218 of the 435 voting representatives to win by one vote.  Yes, Yes, I know that the Dems are alleged to have forced out one Senate Bill opponent, Eric Massa.  That is ironic because Mr. Massa is one of the most liberal voters in Congress, and wanted the single payer option.  "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." -- Jesus Christ.  

Itís not time to breathe easy, not until we have placed GOP majorities in both houses.  Mr. Obama believes, as a matter of principle, in choking government control over our lives.  He sincerely believes that Constitutional freedoms are misplaced, and that America is vile and evil until it is reduced in greatness to be no more than any of the effete European socialist regimes he so admires.  He would rather have an entire miserable society of equal outcomes.  He detests our opportunity and prosperity, because it does not coddle those who are lazy.  Health care doled out by state bureaucrats would be the main step in pushing this country into the leftist commode that has turned Europe into a continent of dependency and insolvency.

We can live under the thumb of an all-powerful government, or we can keep up our support of those who support our freedom. The latter course of action is vitally needed to preserve our freedoms.