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Dictatorial Powers?

According to a recent poll, one in every five Americans believes that President Obama will use an economic collapse or a terrorist attack as an excuse to seize dictatorial powers.  As someone who is shocked by the statist and Constitution-hating actions of the present regime, it is tempting to think that Mr. Obama and his cronies are so utterly amoral and evil that they would think nothing of pulling such a stunt.  However, if one reflects carefully upon the structure of this country, we can conclude that such a seizure of totalitarian powers is unlikely.  I personally think that it is not possible.  Hereís why:

1. The Military will not go along.  The military is sworn to uphold the Constitution not pay obeisance to its president, a temporary leader in service for a limited time.  It is no secret that our heroes in uniform are not leftists like Mr. Obama.  They will not be able to stomach the immorality of trashing the Constitution.  Would they stand by for a declaration of martial law?  Would they obey orders to implement such law?  At first, yes, provided it was to quell some actual emergency (e.g., a nuclear attack upon the USA).  Would the military sit by if Mr. Obama tried to rule by fiat, or disband the Congress, or imprison political enemies?  Never.  Our military heroes love this country far too much to flout the Constitution they poured out their blood to defend.

2. The people are armed.  This is why the founders wisely included the Second Amendment, and why every leftist tries to emasculate the same.  There is no safe and practical way to impose totalitarian rule upon a freedom-loving people, when they are armed.  The people are growing ever more distrustful of government; the number of law-abiding citizens who are armed increases by the day.  That fact alone gives those who would dispose of the Constitution and its freedoms in the name of choking central planning a moment of pause.

3. Obama and his cronies do not appear to be that evil.  I disagree with the Presidentís extreme leftist agenda.  I think it is a disaster for America.  That said, I do not think that Mr. Obama has some underhanded plan to turn the USA into a communist utopia that would have Stalin dancing through patches of daisies.  I believe that Mr. Obama honestly believes that the United States is an unfair place because the outcomes can vary from destitution to mind-numbing wealth.  I believe that Mr. Obama honestly believes that the solution to the "inequality" he perceives is heavy government regulation and transfer of wealth until outcomes are equalized.  I believe that Mr. Obama honestly believes that past attempts to do what heís trying to do have failed because they were not attempted on a large-enough scale.  I believe that Mr. Obama is honestly and completely wrong about every one of his beliefs.  

Do I think that Barack Obama is Hitler in the making?  No.  Not at all.  However, if he were, I do not believe that he could succeed as Hitler did; the United States are far too free and far too much in love with our Constitution to stand for a fascist takeover of any kind.

Everyone:  Letís relax and wait for November.  Things are about to change for the better.