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Elizabeth Hasselbeck was WRONG.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck apologized to ESPN reporter Erin Andrews for a coarse comment Mrs. Hasselbeck made at Ms. Andrews’ expense.  The comment was that the man who drilled a peephole into her hotel room and took videos and pictures of Ms. Andrews in the nude could have evaded prison by simply waiting for Ms. Andrews to show skin on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  Some outlets were reporting that Mrs. Hasselbeck was forced by her employer, ABC, to make the apology to her Disney Corporation co-worker.  If she was forced to apologize, that reflects well upon ABC and poorly upon Mrs. Hasselbeck.

What happened to Erin Andrews was a shocking and repulsive thing.  This woman was nude, alone inside a locked hotel room, and from what I have read, was dressing herself or applying makeup or something like that.  She was not doing anything sexual.  Further than that I cannot comment, because I refuse to surf the internet and watch this horrific and criminal invasion of a woman’s privacy.  The criminal who did this deserves more than the lenient sentence that he received.  I cannot but imagine that Ms. Andrews has been horribly violated, and now probably fears for her privacy and perhaps even her safety.  The mere fact that Ms. Andrews did not quit ESPN and go into hiding exhibits bravery on her part.

I did google up the DWTYS photos of Ms Andrews.  I saw nothing racy at all.  Even the so-called "revealing" outfit that excited the horndogs at Huffington Post was actually covering Ms. Andrews up to the neckline -- with full sleeves.  The material was flesh-colored with sequined designs on it.  I would venture to say that Ms. Andrews’ outfits were far from the most revealing female clothing worn on that show, for even that episode.  Furthermore, I googled a number of photos of Ms. Andrews to see if there was any truth to the notion that Erin Andrews is some sort of exhibitionist, as Mrs. Hasselbeck’s comment implies.  To the contrary, every genuine photo of Erin Andrews I found shows her dressed in a classy, perhaps even modest, fashion.  She wore turtlenecks and long slacks, or dresses that were not "slutty."  In fact, I would say that Erin Andrews, both before and after the horrible peephole incident, had dressed and carried herself with class.  If My daughter came in and told me that she wanted to dress like Erin Andrews, I would consider that cause for celebration.  

What does this mean?  Even persons who are normally good Conservatives can screw up.  Erin Andrews is a classy asset to ESPN.  She has never done anything to warrant criticism.  It’s good that Elizabeth Hasselbeck apologized to Ms. Andrews.  I hope that she meant it.