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Congressman Ryan's Plan: A stroke of Genius

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has written a road map to recovery. This document is a masterpiece of conservative thinking. It illuminates a pathway to equitable prosperity for all Americans. It does so while reducing the tax burden on all Americans, including those who produce the wealth that lifts others out of poverty. Fred Barnes, by no means the ultimate Conservative, has signed on to this wonderful plan, and strongly urges the GOP brass to do likewise. Read the article in the Washington Examiner here.

Mr. Barnes predicts that GOP’s wholesale adaptation of Congressman Ryan’s plan would offer the GOP “the prospect of a landslide in the midterm election this year, followed by victory in the presidential election in 2012.” I agree. The skittishness of the GOP leadership is shortsighted and misplaced, among other adjectives. Why are Republican leaders refusing to consider this gem, authored by the best and brightest of the young guns in the party?

For starters, Congressman Ryan bravely jumps right onto the “third rail” of politics: Social Security and Medicare. He carves individual investment accounts out of Social Security, starving government of the money it needs to foment tyranny, and at the same time capitalizing business for prosperity. What will this do? According to the Congressional Budget office, Congressman Ryan has devised a plan that would permanently save the programs from insolvency! Of course, the GOP leadership is afraid to give the Democrat party any talking points. However, as Mr. Barnes points out, campaigning on the “anything is better than Nancy Pelosi” platform is likely to lose. Further, the GOP misreads the public. Americans are not looking for more governmental freebies. They realize that the United States of American cannot survive under the Democrats’ insane spending binge. They want the insanity to end, and permanent solutions to be implemented. Congressman Ryan answers that call with authority and clarity.

Congressman Ryan also attacks the leftist notion that those who produce more should be taxed – soaked or fleeced are better verbs – to make things fair. This absurd notion causes economic stagnation, feeds the evil notion of class envy – what the Bible calls “covetousness” – and causes people to become less, not more, productive. Congressman Ryan proposes eliminating the corporate income tax of 35 percent and replacing it with a corporate consumption tax of 8.5%. His plan eliminates the loss carryover, and taxes corporate purchases at a lesser rate, in the end generating more money. How much more? Enough to lower the personal tax rates to two brackets of 10% and 25%, and eliminate the deficits. Total Federal taxation would run 19% of GDP. Congressman Ryan’s plan apparently believes that the economic growth from his plan would cause surpluses that could pay down President Obama’s crushing national debt. I agree.

These kinds of tax cuts should be Constitutionally enshrined. The GOP should proudly campaign on the road map as a platform, along with a solid promise to: (i) Eliminate every governmental program that is not vital to the nation’s security or stability; (ii) Enact laws to prohibit future leftists from reversing the changes; and (iii) Liquidating unneeded government assets to pay down the national debt.

As to Democrat carping about privatizing Social Security, the GOP should not flinch, but should instead guarantee benefits for all recipients over a certain pre-retirement age (50?), and then demonstrate the huge increase in benefits if the private sector performs half as well as it has in the last 15 years. In that event, we could literally elect a veto-proof House, retake the Senate, and reduce the Democrat party to a socialist experiment gone bad and rejected by a sane and astute people.

Conservativity strongly endorses Congressman Ryan’s roadmap .