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UPS Does Not Need a Bailout.

United Parcel Service is begging the Congress for a bailout of sorts.  The idea is simple.  UPS ships 85% of its packages by truck, and its employees have unionized under the National Labor Relations Act.  The Teamsters have frequently dragged UPS through vicious strikes to sate their evil greed.  Now UPS has an arch-rival, Fedex.  Now Fedex ships 85% of its packages by air, and thus is governed under the Railway Act.  This makes it harder for unions to get a foothold into Fedex.  Fedex has unionized pilots, and thatís all.  

UPS could draw a hard line with its greedy union bosses, and demand concessions on pain of shutting down the company.  But, instead, UPS seeks to saddle Fedex with the same union millstone that adorns its neck.  Therefore, UPS and its greedy America-hating union, the Teamsters, have put their lackey, congressman Jim Oberstar (Democrat), up to create a bill to in essence force Fedex to unionize with the greedy Teamsters, with their history of mob influence.  Read a Wall Street Journal editorial here.

This is a horrible piece of legislation.  A company cannot compete because of a unionís thuggish behavior.  A company that is heralded as a shining example of efficiency and success sports employees so happy that they refuse to unionize.  Therefore, cram the union and its bloated nonsensical "benefits" down the throat of the successful company.  The Wall Street Journal has opined that this bill deserves filibuster if it comes up in the lame-duck session.  Conservativity heartily agrees.