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Arizona Congresswoman Brutally Shot!

Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) returned home and was shot in the head by a young male assailant who has been captured, thanks to brave people in the crowd who subdured this murderer, who has killed at least five other people by firing wildly into the crowd greeting Mrs. Giffords as she returned from being sworn in for her third term.  Mrs. giffords is gravely wounded but still alive and in surgery at last report.

First, this miscreant must be punished to the full extent of the law.  As Speaker Boehner said while reacting to this assassination attempt, an attack upon one who serves is an attack upon all who serve.  This is absolutely true.

Michelle Malkinís site has coverage:

Leftists are attempting to blame the Tea Party and 2nd Amendment supporters, but it must be noted that Mrs. Giffords drew the ire of the left most recently by refusing to vote for Nancy Pelosi as minority leader.  But I digress; this is not a time for political infighting.  It is a time for prayer.  A young (40) wife and mother has been brutally attacked in Tucson.  She may not live; head shots generally donít work out well.  So we must pray for our leaders, as commanded in the Bible.  Even if you disagree with Mrs. Giffordsí politics, she is still in her seat of power because God willed it.  Someone attempted to flout Godís judgment call today with a brutal act of mass murder. 

Pray for the families of those who have died.  Pray for Mrs. Giffordsí survival with intact faculties, and the hands of the surgeons charged with saving her life.  Pray for the people not to react wrongly.  Pray a prayer of thanks for the heroes who subdued the monster who did this.