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Nonsensical Birther Stupidity

Since the beginning of time, people have come up with conspiracy theories of various sorts.  They are usually loony.  Examples include the notion that John Kennedy was shot by multiple gunmen, the moon landing was faked, or George W. Bush conspired with Zionists to commit the acts of 9/11 and pin them on Islamist radical terrorists (who incidentally took credit for those acts).  One of the latest of these theories is that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president of the United States of America because he was not born in this country.  Mr. Obama produced a Hawaiian printout certificate, which is legal proof anywhere -- except, of course, in the eyes of Donald Trump and a few other nut cases.

Mr. Obama, having been fed up with the lunacy of these allegations, made a special arrangement to produce a certified copy of the original birth certificate.  He released it to the press in an attempt to quell these ridiculous rumors.  No joy.  Luke Scott, a left-fielder from the Baltimore Orioles, now questions the authenticity of this certificate as well!  I guess that Mr. Scott not only plays left field. but he hails from there as well. 

Let’s face some facts:

Mr. Obama is a native born American Citizen.  That fact cannot be reasonably doubted; questioning the authenticity of the documents that Mr. Obama has produced is plainly unreasonable.  The depth of the conspiracy needed to cover up such a forgery would cause it to collapse.  Half a dozen trained operatives couldn’t keep the Watergate break-in secret for as long as a year.  In today’s environment, where news organizations would pay ungodly sums of money for proof of fraud, the absence of takers shows that the papers are genuine.  Now this fact has been noted by more than a few conservative voices.  For example, we’ve heard loudly from Michelle Malkin, who holds the birther nonsense in the same low esteem as grassy-knoll gunmen and the wired-to-fall 9/11 "truther" lies.

These conspiracy theories all start the same way.  Some person finds a perceived imperfection in an event.  The word perceived is vitally important to this analysis.  People saw the vertical descent of the buildings, complete with windows blowing out under compression pressure, and jumped to the insanely unreasonable conclusion that George Bush and Israel wired the World Trade Center to drop. Here, a printout is produced, and people jumped to the conclusion that Mr. Obama’s operatives inserted a phony record into Hawaii’s database.  The fact that a contemporaneous newspaper announcement was made at Mr. Obama’s 1961 birth is ignored or pooh-poohed, but it is critical.  Why would some one plant a fake ad into a paper in 1961?  Did Mr. Obama possess a time machine and travel back to 1961 to publish the announcement?  Did his parents plant a phony announcement, knowing that their newborn African American son would someday be president of the United States, even though at the time much of the South was still segregated by evil Jim Crow laws?  Puhleeze!

Now, Mr. Obama produces what every reasonable person in the United States knew existed all along:  a certified copy of the original, taken directly from the secured book of original birth records by Hawaiian officials, with witnesses present.  This is not like the phony military records that in 2004, the left tried to use to discredit George W. Bush’s National Guard service, where the putatively-1972 documents are pixel identical to Microsoft Word Times New Roman.  The typing is accurate.  the sequence number is accurate and in sequence.  It’s real!

Why are we distracting ourselves from the real issues with this crazy nonsense?  Barack Obama is destroying this country’s economy as I write this.  Whether he sincerely believes that his policies work, or he simply wants to tank the country is irrelevant.  He’s doing an efficient job of screwing us up.  We need to concentrate on the man’s deeds and not on made-up nonsense.