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Talking Democrats, Sore Losers

The Democrats donít get it at all.  They are more clueless than ever.  They accuse the GOP of "diverting the people to issues of faith..." (Nancy Pelosi, 11/4/2004).  The deflection and denial game is on.  The elite leftists brought this devastating defeat upon themselves!  There is simply no other way to say it.  They openly, even proudly, stated that America should subjugate its foreign policy to a "global test."  They openly advocated a tax increase as this country has just emerged from a Democrat-incited recession, worsened by 9/11.  They supported partial-birth infanticide (calling this abortion is simply a misnomer; dragging an 8/9-month baby out of a mother feet first and killing it by sucking out its brains before it could be fully born is murder) against a country that was sickened by this evil practice.  They supported liberal judges right after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ordered the legislature to enact gay marriage.  That led to 11 state initiatives that drove conservatives to the polls in record numbers.

The only reason this was not an epic, historic blowout was the press, with its 78% negative coverage against our President, as they boasted that they bought Kerry 15 points.  Both Rush Limbaugh and I agree with that assessment.  W could have won with 65-66% of the vote, 80 million votes and 49 states if the press were only 60% negative on President Bush.  In any event W, boosted by the votes of the people who, like him, believe in God, has swept in with a mandate in a GOP party night.

The Democrats cannot believe that they lost this one.  They were so damned sure that they were 100% right and we conservatives were 100% wrong.  They were so sure that the nation that is innately left-wing, accepting of its role as the serfs and vassals of the Washington elite.  They think that W is an extreme right-wing wacko, right next to the anarchists in the mountains that hold "court" and act as if all government is evil, when in effect they are extreme left, starting to border on the Socialist / Communist / Nazi super-extreme-left.

They are losers, and very sore losers.  Eric Altermanís baby screams in New York are clearly audible in Will County, Illinois.  The Hollywood leftists were told to, as Laura Ingraham said, "Shut up and Sing," or act, or whatever.   They are shocked into silence, except for Larry Flynt, who has pledged to emigrate.  Hey Rush!  Lend the guy your plane, Itís well worth the fuel and fumigation costs!

The Democrats have a chance, in maybe 12 years, if they move center.  Barack Obama of Illinois is a rising star; if he moves to the center and stops being so socialist, maybe more like Truman than Lenin, he would do well to become governor of Illinois and then run for President in 2016.

But for now, the Democrats need to accept the will of the people, and stop crying and being sore losers.