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The Heroes Win as the Villians Whine

June 5 was a wonderful day for Wisconsin. The Hero, Scott Walker, increased his election vote margin and count in the recall election. His lieutenant Governor emerged with a similar smashing win against a recall effort. Three of the four GOP state senators handily won, the fourth race is destined for a recount (to what end? The state Senate does not meet again before the November General Election), with a strong likelihood that the final vote will favor the GOP.

The villains, the Democrat party and their shady union-boss patrons, were the beneficiaries of some serious bull-spin on the part of the extreme-left media. Some of the more egregious garbage spouted at our unequivocal heroes:

  • MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said that Governor Walker Could “be indicted in the next few days.” For what, I do not know, for the governor is not now nor has he ever been the target of any criminal investigation.

  • CNN ran, without any sort of challenge, the cries of an agonized villain-supporter, who was for this evil recall, saying, “We’re not just disappointed,” the voter said, “this is the end of democracy,” to an overly sympathetic and supportive John King. The whining continued: “This was the biggest election in America… Democracy died tonight… This was it. If we didn’t win tonight, the end of the USA as we know it just happened.”

    The whining and emotional villain-supporter noted that in the recall campaign itself, Governor Walker outspent Tom Barrett. What wasn’t noted was that the total recall effort was boosted by over $110 million in union money!” The whiner did not, of course, mention that the voters of Wisconsin made a democratic choice. To the Left, anyone who votes his or her mind instead of Leftist ideology is killing “Democracy.”

  • While the bullet point above might take the cake for some (I nearly choked on my breakfast when I heard this nonsense on the radio today), the worst of the bull-spin today came from the people who were trying to say that President Obama is still leading strongly in Wisconsin, and Mitt Romney may be more likely to lose because of the GOP blowout! Before you go out to jump off the Sears Tower (I’ll never call it Willis Tower), consider this:

    The exit poll oversampled Democrats by at least 4 points and shows President Obama leading Mr. Romney by 7-9. If you remove the Democrat oversample and attempt to adjust only four points of Democrat response out of the oversample, you come up with 49-47 Romney. If you note that the gross vote for Walker was underestimated by seven points, you come up with a tie. Those pollsters who see the Wisconsin recall results as a national bellwether live by the accuracy of their projections; they are likely to under-sample for Romney. Apply the same oversample to the national polls state by state, and a Romney electoral blowout emerges!

    I say Garbage in, Garbage out. The demographic makeup of the actual election should be used as an internal guideline for a Rasmussen likely voter poll. Nationally applied, such a method would certainly predict a landslide along the lines of 1980. The exit polls were skewed, and badly. Every major exit poll since 2004’s general election seems to be an exercise in Leftist wishful thinking, or more likely, voter manipulation.

To what does all of this boil down? Simply put, the heroes win while the villains whine. The spin will continue. Meanwhile Wisconsinites revel in their balanced budgets, lower taxes, and reasonable work rules. The public-sector unions are gutted of their nefarious money stream, which was in reality a leftist slush fund. Even the union members, now given the free choice (what a novel concept) of whether or not to pay unions dues, choose in significant percentages to just say “no.”

What does this mean outside Wisconsin? Hopefully, other GOP governors will learn that Scott Walker’s bravery is rewarded. His plan works, and works well. It means that GOP governors can trust that the people are innately smart as was thought, not innately stupid as the villains treat them.

It should also spell the end of the recall. Impeachment works for criminals. Ask Rod Blagojevich. The recall should be eliminated. The Founders made a republic, not a democracy. Democracy is one of the most tyrannical forms of government imaginable, since the fifty percent plus one can freely oppress the fifty percent minus one, all while giving the appearance of free choice. The recall is one of the most nefarious tools of democratic tyranny and should be done away with, by Constitutional Amendment if needed.

Finally, the recall results should herald the November result. Hopefully the GOP base remains energized as it was in Wisconsin. If we do, then we will be sipping iced tea as we celebrate on January 20, 2013. On that day, we will raise a glass to Barack Obama, and celebrate. We will wish him well in his retirement, as historians who aren’t carrying the water for the villains declare President Obama the worst our nation has ever had.