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CNN's Opinion of Our President

The website had some pictures of our beloved president.  These pictures, as is required, are stored in filenames on the CNN web server.  One of these pictures had a filename of "moron.jpg"  and the other was named "a**hole.jpg" -- there were no stars in the file names.  This is media outlet.  We knew they leaned left, but this kind of gross disrespect for our President is disgusting.  Itís uncalled-for cinsidering the President has a higher IQ than John Kerry, is a Havard MBA, and before taking up residence on Pennsylvania, successfully ran a corporation, the Texas Rangers and Texas itself.

These elitist, snobbish, intolerant, racist left-wingers are inching closer to the Nazi mindset with each passing day.  They cannot comprehend how most of America can: a) Believe in God; b) Think that this country is innately good; c) Vote morality at the top of their list of priorities; d) Like our President; or e) Vote for George W. Bush.  Itís simple.  W is not now nor has he ever been a snob.  He is not a fearmonger; he did not try to scare up votes by saying that Kerry would take away this or that (contrast that with the Social Security terrorism on Kerryís part). He works hard to protect us.  He works hard to get the government off your back.  The people know that W is not a moron or an a-hole.  He is the opposite of both epithets.

CNN, join the others in our Hall of Shame.  You have lost your credibility and now your decency.