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A Great Romney Week.

What a week. This week has seen Mitt Romney move into a commanding lead in Gallup, one of the two national polls (the other being Rasmussen) where the methodology and honesty of the pollsters is not reasonably questioned. As of this writing, the night of October 19, Mr. Romney is up 51-45 in Gallup (+6), and tied in Rasmussen at 48. This works out to an average of 49.5 to 46.5 or Romney +3. Now it is true that Nate Silver defends his far-left America-hating FiveThirtyEight tracking/odds-making site and its ludicrous projection that Mr. Obama has a 70%+ chance of re-election. His method of defending his prognostication is to allege that Gallup is simply wrong, saying that the pollster has been wrong in the past. True, but when Gallup was wrong in the past. it consistently overestimated Democrat performance and underestimated GOP performance.

In an effort to turn things around for Obama, the leftist media has gone into overdrive. Candy Crowley’s shameful management of the second debate reduced that contest to a 2-on-1 cage match, with the “referee” openly working to thwart and silence Governor Romney. However, it is four days after the debate, and Mr. Romney continues to hold strong leads in national and swing-state polls. Moreover, the RealClearPolitics electoral wrap-up shifted from Obama’s favor to Romneys, presently showing Romney ahead 206-201 with 131 toss-ups.

I believe that the RCP numbers significantly understate Governor Romney’s strength. For example, the October 9 national RCP average went back to Obama +0.1, based on the latest IBD/TIPP poll showing Obama at +2, 47-45. Again, this poll appears juiced, and blatantly so. It samples at D+7, (D=37, R=30, Ind=32). This resembles the Democrat-wave electorate of 2008, not the present GOP-leaning to GOP-wave environment. If one adjusts IBD/TIPP to Rasmussen’s latest party preference numbers, R=36.8, D=34.2, I=29, which would be reasonable to ensure a fair sampling, one gets Romney ahead 48.434 to Obama’s 43.954 or about Romney +4.5, fairly in line with Gallup’s numbers.

The juiced polls seem only to bother conservative pundits, including me. However, perhaps we should look to Governor Romney and his peaceful and confident demeanor as this election heads into the home stretch. It is noteworthy that one conservative pundit who has become quite confident and has taken to reassuring us is none other than our heroic leader, Rush Limbaugh. He spent this week telling people to ignore the media spin of this week’s events, and realize that real people don’t look at debates as do President Obama’s sycophants in the media; real people see Mitt Romney for who he is and are excellent judges of character; the real people like what they see, which explains Romney’s surge in the polls; and finally, Governor Romney is on the right road to arrive at victory.

The debates are not an exercise in tit-for-tat points. They are not boxing matches. The trouble with the leftists is that they have abandoned all subtlety in their efforts to ensconce their man in the White House for another America-wrecking four years. They are so in-the-tank for the President that the people are repulsed, and rightly so. Many would not have been surprised if Candy Crowley came out last Tuesday wearing a cheerleading outfit with the distinctive Obama “O” on it, carrying pom-poms. It might not have been more outlandish than Ms. Crowley’s repeated efforts to shut Governor Romney up every time he was on the verge of making a critical point.

As the victory of which the Left was supremely confident on October 2 slips away with each passing day, I expect more desperation from President Obama’s henchmen, both in his campaign and in the press. In fact we are already seeing this. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner characterized Mr. Obama’s re-election effort as a “higher calling,” while pooh-poohing Mr. Romney as just moving on to the “next thing.” Chris Matthews stated that it was unconstitutional for Mr. Romney to challenge the President’s statements. Wishful thinking from the leftest of the Left, for sure, but not atypical of the psychotic sycophancy we’ve seen in this startling election season. The desperation is driven by the stakes. The Left realizes that the ideology is on the line; losing this election means a reversal of the Left’s attempts to set itself up as an oligarchy of government bureaucrats, similar to the vile central planners that ruined generations of Russian’s lives and made freedom an impossible dream.  

Mr. Obama, the media and all Democrats hate your freedom; know that. Our only hope to keep our freedom is to vote them out now.  Future elections may not even happen if the bad guys win this one! The good news, however, is that Mitt Romney has showed himself the most competent and Conservative presidential candidate since Reagan.  Seeing him perform in the debates gives us all confidence that he is a straight shooter who loves our country and our freedom. The end result is a Mitt Romney presidency; two terms of fixing the problems.  Vote GOP up and down the ticket, from dog catcher to President.  Vote your freedom!

In sum, this is another Romney week. The GOP is energized and our voters are at a fever pitch. Early voting favors us to an amount not usually seen except in wave elections. The leftists can sense that President Obama has successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. No amount of juiced polls or colluding unfair debate moderators can undo the will of a people not eager to be subjugated to a collectivist / socialist dystopia.

It’s been a great week.