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The Left Needs a Reality Check; The People are About to Deliver.

It’s eight days before Election Day 2012. The best efforts of the juiced polls cannot keep Mitt Romney from leading the RCP average; Governor Romney has not seen a polling number below 50 in Gallup for well over a week. Gallup further reports that Governor Romney holds a commanding seven point lead among early voters, with a strong 52-45% showing. Battleground Poll predicts the exact same final showing, Romney winning 52-45%. The tide has turned. The Obama campaign looks desperate. The mood in the Romney camp is positively upbeat, and with good cause.

A month ago, the Leftists were writing the Romney obituary, and predicting that President Obama had forged a coalition that would allow him and his cronies to govern from a strong-left position for four years, and lay the foundation for a statist future. Why were these people so deluded? Why did they believe their own juiced polls? How could they have thought that they could paint a caricature of Mitt Romney as a hybrid between Simon LaGree, George Pullman and satan, and not have that caricature implode with the first real exposure that Governor Romney was given to the people?

The Left suffers from a grave deficit; it believes its own publicity. They believe that they offer the only real solution to everyone’s problems by using government to run the lives of the people better than can do so themselves. The fact that this tyranny has never worked in history does not dissuade the left. Oligarchy and the suppression of freedom always leads to the demise of society. The particular form that the Democrat party and its extreme-left leadership espouse has an especially dismal record. Look for example at the Soviet Union, statism and central control at its pinnacle. It lasted a mere 74 years and left a proud and mighty country in a state of disaster. Its satellite states lived an average of 46 years before falling and giving birth to American-style representative governments, where entrepreneurs flourish to this day.

But the Left does not understand this. They call themselves “progressive,” a term that does violence to progress, for these despots have more in common with Caligula than Thomas Jefferson. Their words may say differently but their actions give the lie to those words. And the American people have not lost their wisdom. And a majority of us see through the lies, and understand that the Left’s promises don’t add up and the country is failing already. They seek to give the country over to a proved turnaround expert, and expect him to fix what the Left has befouled.

And this was predictable as soon as Scott Brown’s defeat of Martha Coakley for the Ted Kennedy senate seat. The people were throwing off the tyranny of the Left when GOP Senator Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, in a wave that transformed most state governments and led to the GOP takeover of the House of Representatives. The wave continued as the public sector unions fought a hard battle in Wisconsin, complete with recall fights, to keep their ability to soak the people intact – and lost.

And now, the wave crashes on the Leftists with full force. The question is not whether the GOP can keep the House. The question is whether the GOP will take a decisive majority in the Senate, on the coattails of Governor Romney. It appears that the President will retire to his crony-funded $35 million Hawaiian mansion on or about January 21. Works for me!

But the Left doesn’t see the writing on the wall. They are too busy imagining a demographic shift that will make the 2008 wave look like a bad year, ignoring the 2010 election and deluding themselves into thinking that the people hate the GOP that they elected. The Left decries the freedom-loving Tea Party activists as “extreme” and “dead,” but the Tea partiers are poised to continue to make gains. Mitt Romney’s plan to downsize government and moderate the tax burden are core tenets of Tea Partiers. A 52-45% victory does not sound like the efforts of a “dead” movement!

On what evidence do the tyrants of the Left think that the people are about to reject Liberty and “mind their betters?” The people hate the Obamacare boondoggle, and the Left ignores their continuing disgust with that horrible enactment. The people know that there is no way for the United States of America to keep on spending more than one thousand billion dollars per year – it sounds more like its size when expressed like that than a “trillion” – more than is taken in and not go under.

More than one pundit has expressed his or her opinion that the Left lives in an echo chamber, where neither opposition nor reality are tolerated, and in so doing blinds itself to the true state of the people. Anyone watching 15 minutes of MSNBC without retching uncontrollably can confirm this.

The latest poll results prove the hypothesis. When Pew and ABC juice their polls and can only come up with a tie, and Gallup, known historically for overstating Democrat turnout gives Romney more than 50%, and the Left is still clinging onto the notion that President Obama is about to win, the disconnect from reality is apparent to anyone not suffering from the same delusion.

Thus, it is reasonable to expect the same sort of bitterness that followed George W. Bush’s re-election eight years ago, where leftists talked of moving to Canada as refugees (Canada is in 2012 governed by conservatives), or that the “Blue states” should secede from the union and form a leftist nirvana. The Left will howl with indignant rage as we implement President Romney’s promises. Even though the President will, unlike his predecessor, attempt work with the Left, I expect the Democrats to fight tooth and nail to stymie President Romney’s reforms. The GOP will then push them through, and the country will benefit. Then the real howls will begin!

The Left needs a reality check. The people tried to deliver in 2010 but were ignored. They again will deliver next Tuesday. Please vote and help the message be delivered.