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Wholeheartedly for Mitt Romney!

I have made it clear that I am a convert from the ďAnybody but RomneyĒ conservative to a whole-hearted Romney supporter. This is not merely because I am anti-Obama. Mitt Romney has earned my vote. Heís earned my wifeís vote. My daughter, age 19, voted for the first time, for Romney, because he earned her vote.

How has Governor Romney earned all of our votes? First of all, Mr. Romney earned my vote with unflinching and uncompromising honesty. Governor Romney has not been a talking-point machine. He has had the opportunity to dissemble and lie, and even when itís to his detriment politically, he has been truthful. A case in point was acknowledging areas of agreement with the President in the debates, and further in admitting when the President told the truth about this issue or the other.

Second of all, Governor Romney earned my vote with his Integrity. This is a different creature than honesty. You see it in his squeaky-clean past. Here is a man who is faithful to his only wife, sticking with her loyally even as she battled illness. He has run his business ventures far above board, showing respect for those who form for him, and respect for those for whom he works. He has a string of successes with Bain Capital (Staples, Brookstone, Dunkiní Donuts, Sealy, Burger King, Dominoís, Burlington Coat Factory, and the list goes on).

Governor Romney rescued the Salt Lake City winter Olympics from scandal and ruin and in so doing turned a cash sinkhole around. Similarly, Governor Romney produced a string of budget surpluses as he, a GOP Governor in Massachusetts, worked with opposition party members even as he curtailed his expenses.

Third of all, Iím voting for Governor Romney because he is Presidential. He has, under stress, kept a calm demeanor and a controlled bearing that permits him to cogently respond under stress. Witness the three debates. The Governor exhibited masterful, Presidential command of the facts and the circumstances. You could imagine a President Romney (and I think that imagining him as President will no longer be necessary as of January 21) in tense negotiations with a foreign despot and having total command of the meeting and the situation. And that image is comforting because of the Governorís other traits mentioned in this article.

Fourth, I am voting for Governor Romney because, in the end, he is a rock solid Conservative. He is for limiting the size of government. He is for not spending ourselves into doom. He is for wise government regulation, but not over-regulation. He is for our freedom. He is for the freedom of business to operate within reasonable and necessary regulation to prosper, and thereby for those businesses to hire others and cause those employees to prosper. He realizes that the great millstone hanging on this economy is the ridiculous choking regulation imposed by the current statist regime.

Governor Romney is the next Ronald Reagan. He is likeable. He is an outstanding people person. He is intelligent, but also wise.

Most importantly, I am voting for Governor Romney because he is the only Presidential Candidate that genuinely loves the United States of America! President Romney will fiercely love this country and strive to reinforce what made it great in the first instance. He loves your freedom and mine. He is not ashamed of this country, and is not looking to apologize to foreigners for the past ďmistakesĒ of his predecessors. He is not looking for revenge for some perceived oppressed class within the country. He instead seeks to help us all be equally American.

Governor Mitt Romney is an outstanding Presidential candidate. He is an outstanding leader and an outstanding person. Conservativity warmly and gleefully endorses Mitt Romney to be the 45th President of the United States of America.