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Stolen Private Photos and Depravity

A bunch of miscreants hacked private accounts of numerous Hollywood celebrities and downloaded nude photos of them. These photos include married people who were sharing intimate images meant only for the spouse, some phony nudes of under-age gymnasts, and other atrocities perpetrated against the privacy of people.

This conduct is evil. I hope that nobody who reads this would even bother to google up the images (one Hollywood celebrity threatens legal action against those who post these privacy violations Ė with good reason Ė more power to her!).

These people were exposed to the same kind of egregious violation to which Erin Andrews was subjected a few years ago. In her case, a perverted ďpersonĒ drilled a peep-hole into her hotel room and obtained nude photos of the sportscaster.

Why is this happening? Is this nonsense the fault of technology? No. Itís the fault of depravity. People are depraved and seek whatever they can find to fill the holes in their lives what whatever titillation will excite them. Whether itís the excitement of invading someoneís space without consent, or seeing someone famous in the nude, it is still depraved. It violates that person at a fundamental level.

What is worse is that news outlets gave this atrocity wall-to-wall coverage. Such coverage encourages the hackers to do it again; things would be better off with no coverage whatsoever. However, the news whores will spread whatever they can to sell commercials.

Itís one thing when some celebrity thinks that his or her career needs to be boosted by purposefully posing naked for photos or running around nude on screen. One needs only to watch HBO for a couple of days to see these people all over the place. It is, however, something sinister when a personís intimate moments are co-opted by thieves and spread out for the world to see.

You might notice that I did not name the celebrity victims. I might have received more page hits if Iíd done so. Not worth it. Let these people regain some sense of decency and Iíll preserve mine.

There is One who offers relief from the depravity. He lives today, just as He did when He walked the Earth 2000 years ago. He offers us reprieve from the sin Ė the transgression of Godís immutable and perfect laws. He is the One to whom these people, and all people need to turn before it is too late. I refer of course to Jesus Christ. See