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Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Huzzah for the Forces of Good in the UK!

In the last week, the polls in the UK indicated that David Cameron and the Conservatives in the UK were about to be placed into a precarious position from a leftist surge in the latest election. The Tories were about to lose seats, and their coalition allies (the LDP) would be reduced to ten seats, making it difficult for Mr. Cameron to retain office. As late as two days ago, op-ed pieces speculated that Labour might be able to form a government.

This speculation now appears to be an organized effort to depress conservative turnout. It also was completely in vain. The results are in. The Tories have prevailed against the forces of evil and have achieved an outright majority. Their gains in Parliament have eliminated the need to form a coalition government. The Scottish National Party (SNP) gained enough seats to place Labour into a permanent-minority status for the foreseeable future. Nick Clegg, LDPís leader, and Ed Miliband, Labourís leader, both resigned their party leadership positions in the wake of their defeats.

Contrary to leftist babble, whenever people are presented with a viable option of freedom and smaller government, they will opt for it. People see that their best interests are served not by a nanny-state, but by a strictly limited government.

Huzzah for the UK and the victory of the forces of good over evil!