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We are all ONE RACE!

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What the heck happened to that? We now deal with a movement – an anti-police movement – named “Black lives matter,” and that movement took offense when someone said “all lives matter!” Both statements are true; why is the latter illegitimate?

What has happened to this country? I will tell you. The sick, evil, vile sin of racism. It is elevated to new heights today, but it has always been around, and always been vile. See the Bible for an example. In Numbers 12:1-15, the story of Moses’ second wife, who was a black woman, is told. Specifically, Moses’ siblings, Aaron and Miriam, grumbled against Moses on account of his black wife. God struck Miriam with leprosy to punish her. Significantly, when Moses asked God to heal her, God refused to do so for an entire week, and Miriam was put outside the camp. This is the only recorded time in the Bible where God refused a request for mercy, in this case delaying it by seven days. For those monstrous people who try to stand behind Jesus as they sully His Name with racism, this is an ominous warning.

We are all of one race: Human! We need to put the vile and putrid stain of racism behind us. However, leftists thrive by dividing the populace into groups and pitting them against the others. White v. Black, Hispanic v. Black, Oriental v. White, women vs. men, etc. The dissension prevents us from uniting. I grew up in Chicago, a leftist haven for 70 years, and not coincidentally one of the most racially segregated places on Earth. In the 1960s and 1970s, realtors exploited prejudice, and even stoked it, destroying whole communities in the process. There is a wide swath of horror left behind by the evil of blockbusting.

That evil was exacerbated when the “Great Society,” which even if you give the left a point for sincerely desiring to help the poor (I do not), created a massive financial incentive for absentee fathers. The number of fatherless homes and illegitimate births shot up. Abortion became legal and life was blithely devalued. Crime shot up in the areas where there are many fatherless homes – again this has nothing to do with race – Scientifically speaking, we are all one race. From God’s perspective (the one that really matters), we are all one race.

Leave the racism to those who hate liberty. We have seen atrocities that sicken any reasonable person committed by those who were trying to advance a so-called “master race,” and or who deemed this or the other group subpar. A classic example (outside the obvious Nazi horror) is Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood on the concept of eugenics, and who thought black people to be subpar or even subhuman. Such evil is the cause of almost all of the atrocities we have seen in the last 2000 years.

Until we get past identifying people by race, we won’t get past the vile and disgusting evil of racism. I am a human, just like Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Bruno Mars, Cochise, Joe Lieberman, and everyone else. We need to individually be supportive of one another without a second thought as to race or national origin or gender or religion. We can team together to work against poverty and fatherless homes. If we actually unite as the name “United States of America” implies, we can do things that astound the world.

In World War II, “race” barriers began to break down as the Tuskegee Airmen effectively protected our victorious air forces. The entire country united in a war effort and we became a superpower, and remain the only superpower on Earth. And this was with Jim Crow racism and the internment camps in place. Imagine what this country would be like with the same unity and no more Jim Crow or internment camps?

We have an election coming up, where we will replace the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln. The difference between Lincoln (undoubtedly our greatest president) and Mr. Obama (very likely our worst) is perspective. Lincoln fought for the unity of the nation. He fought to eliminate a racist man-stealing and enslavement culture. He succeeded. On the other hand, Mr. Obama fights to put us into groups, where he can bribe one and penalize another to patch together support. In so doing he has very nearly ruined the USA. Leftist policies are coming home to roost.

What we need is one person in 2016 who will run on the “we are all one race” philosophy, and embrace Conservatism – the highest form of compassion – to raise us all up. May God have mercy on us to give us that.