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Musings on Mr. Trump

If Donald Trump wins the nomination, he will be the next President of the United States of America.

You may think me an idiot for saying this, but the GOP will fall in line behind Trump and will pull out every stop to elect him. Why? Because Mr. Trump, for all of his politically-incorrect speaking, is far more preferable and palatable to GOP establishment types than Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump may look bad against Mrs. Clinton in leftist polls, but their media mouthpieces are working overtime to assail him.

The media label Mr. Trump as a racist near-Nazi for saying that he would close the borders to Muslims. They accuse him of unconstitutional blather. Certainly it is true that Mr. Trump cannot bar American citizens from re-entering the USA because they are Muslim; such an act runs contrary to the 1 st and 14th Amendments.

Moreover, banning entry of a non-citizen based on religion would be futile, especially in the case of Muslims, who are told in their holy books that lying to accomplish the goals of Islam is acceptable. How many jihadists will simply claim a conversion to Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion not on Mr. Trumpís list? It is constitutional to enact such a ban; see 8 USC ß 1182(f). Itís just not effective.

If Mr. Trump were to enact a ban of all persons who had been in a terror nation within the last X years, and also of all persons who had ever been involved with terrorism (no matter how minimally or far back in the past), such a ban would be effective and practical.

Donald Trump talks a lot. His mouth engages before his brain does. The immigration proposal proves that. However, his heart is in the right place. Those who demand perfection in a leader will be disappointed every time, unless the Leader is Jesus.

That said, Mr. Trump is resonating with the base. Peggy Noonan referred to Mr. Trump as the ďTribune of the Base,Ē in homage to the Roman office of Tribune of the Plebs. Mr. Trumpís appeal is, however, very broad. GOP elites think that Hispanics will hate Mr. Trump because he wants to stop illegal immigration with a wall. I think that the honest and hard-working Hispanics who are here lawfully will be happy to see someone who is willing to honor their decision to abide the law. GOP elites think that Mr. Trump will alienate women. With what policy?

And what about African-Americans, who Mr. Obama has abused during his two terms? If Mr. Trump chooses Dr. Carson as his running-mate, that would pretty much destroy any chance for the liberty-haters to win. Even if Mr. Trump chooses Senator Cruz (which I would recommend), the end result would be a landslide in his favor, and the possibility of carrying 35% or more of the African-American vote, as they realize that Mr. Trumpís immigration protections give them opportunity for jobs stolen from them by lawbreakers.

The road to the nomination will be hard. The establishment is ready to go to war if Mr. Trump finishes 1st or 2nd in Iowa. The establishment is insanely stupid. The elites of the GOP seem more willing to have a hard-core leftist who may even be to the left of our current Fuhrer than to have someone who excites the base that has stayed home the last two Presidential elections. The elites may settle on Senator Cruz as the compromise candidate; that would be great if Mr. Trump fades out; Senator Cruz would cruise (no pun intended) to victory. Cruz/Fiorina 2016 would be nearly unstoppable.

But as things sit right now, the GOP elites should listen to the people and not their overpaid and shortsighted political hacks. If Donald Trump is to fail, let him fail of his own accord Ė let him dig his grave with his tongue. If he succeeds, then go full-bore with the Donald. Ensure that he picks Cruz or Fiorina for VP and then use everything at the GOPís disposal to destroy Mrs. Clinton. The country needs this to be the year that the liberty-haters lose, or it will be the year that America died.