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Ann Coulter has sold me. Trump for President!

Ok, Ann. You’ve sold me.

Ann Coulter has been loudly trumpeting the virtues of Donald Trump for a while now, because to her the key issue is stemming the relentless tide of illegal immigration, which she contends is existential for the United States of America. She and Donald Trump see eye-to-eye on this issue, while the leftists and the GOP-elite “leftist-lite” types are completely bonkers at Mr. Trumps seemingly-unassailable poll numbers.

After looking at the issue, I now agree with Ann Coulter. Donald Trump is our last best chance to save the United States of America. First of all, Mr. Trump is the first presidential candidate with the cajones to stand up to the leftist press, as Ann rightly calls them the “word police.” Mr. Trump speaks his mind, leftist outrage be damned. That, standing alone, is enough to qualify the man for the Oval office.

However, his steel-hard commitment to protecting us from an influx of the covetous is the best reason to vote for Mr. Trump. He opposes those who break our laws to come into the country just to get money, and then commit other crimes in order to work at jobs that could be filled by Americans, and have babies that are citizens. He opposes leaving an open border where terrorists can cross with impunity. This is commendable.

Those who demand absolute Conservative purity think that Mr. Trump is not conservative enough. Stop this garbage now! We need to get someone in who will keep America American! Do you want Hillary Clinton running this country for four years? If you let that happen, there won’t be an America to save. Those who stayed home because Mitt Romney was insufficiently Conservative allowed the evils of the Obama regime to go unchecked for four years, and have brought us to this precipice of doom. Literally doom.

Donald Trump’s coattails are bringing the GOP the voters that abandoned the GOP when Ronald Reagan left the White House. If he is the nominee, Donald Trump will be the President, and mark my words, he will carry us to even larger margins in the House and Senate and solidify the control he needs to reverse the disgusting changes of the last eight years, and to take us forward into prosperity.

Ann Coulter says that Mr. Trump could buy us 50 more years of America. I agree.

I love Ted Cruz, and respectfully disagree with Ann that he is ineligible. However, that said, the best place for him, if he and Mr. Trump can get past their present sparring, is as the Vice Presidential candidate.

I previously advocated that the conservatives in the GOP should meet and decide on a President and VP candidate and proceed. Do that. Trump-Cruz 2016. I cannot imagine a better ticket for America in 2016.

Ann, you’ve sold me. Trump-Cruz 2016.