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And Then There Were Three: Trump's Home Stretch.

And then there were three…

Marco Rubio has called it quits. Now we are down to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Donald Trump has a commanding lead, and is all but inevitably the GOP nominee. The petulant, childish, addled fantasy of the “establishment class” causing a brokered convention and thereby throwing Mr. Trump off the ballot would be the end of the GOP. The end. GOP: 1854-2016. The party that started in order to free the oppressed would be killed by a haughty act of oppression against the voters who expect the party to live up to its founding principles.

That won’t happen. Newt Gingrich has it right: If the “establishment class” tries to put in Gov. Kasich, Mr. Rubio or someone like Mr. Ryan or Mr. Romney – who has not even stood for election in one primary – Messrs. Cruz and Trump will unite and thereby take the nominations. Right now, there is a mathematical possibility of one of two outcomes: (a) Trump-Cruz 2016; or (b) Cruz-Trump 2016. There is no possibility of playing “The answer is ‘(c)’” this time.

Therefore, July will be the trial-by-fire of the party bigwigs and their soundly-thrashed ideas of open borders and the security and wage-depression issues that come with them. Will they bolt and back Hillary Clinton and her consummately evil left-wing policies rather than support someone who does not dance to their tune? If they do, see GOP: 1854-2016 above. They are going to have to grow up and realize that they are accountable to the voters.

Ann Coulter wrote a beautifully-scathing article about this, writing sarcastically, “God forbid the party respond to its core constituencies!” She continued to note just how soundly the voters have rejected their policies. Why? Because the policies were designed in a vacuum of tone-deaf political stupidity unlike that the world has seen since the days of Cato the Younger’s opposition to Caesar.

The GOP bigwigs fret that their experts (who are batting .000 this cycle) are right and that Trump will lead the party to a crushing defeat at the hands of Hillary Clinton in the fall. Their angst is unrealistic for two reasons. First, the criminal investigation into her email hijinks is in high gear. Immunity deals have been given: a bellwether that a grand jury is sitting or is about to imminently do so. If Mrs. Clinton is indicted, then Trump (or Cruz) v. Bernie promises to be a Reaganesque landslide.

Second – and most importantly – there is a great deal of angst on the evil (Democrat) side of the aisle. Donald Trump is a completely unpredictable person, who has been bringing massive new blood to the primary polls. If that new blood carries over into the general election, which is likely, then the Democrat party has a huge problem. Frankly I don’t see Hillary Clinton being able to hold the stage against Mr. Trump in a debate, and if Senator Cruz is his running mate, the VP debate will be a bloodbath. The Senator is the best debater to have ever run for President. The Democrats have nobody in the same universe.

What Mr. Trump Needs to Do to get a Landslide

Mr. Trump can win in a landslide. Easily. What does he need to do?

Do not back down on the Wall or on Illegal Immigration : Keep your word and the voters will love you right into the Oval Office.

Explain how his policies help minorities: who would benefit most by a stiff crackdown on illegal immigration? African-Americans. Explain to them that the jobs that they deserve have been stolen by people who broke the law to come here and take their jobs.

Explain how his policies help the middle class: Explain what H1-B has done to depress skilled wages, and why the program should be stopped now and no new admissions allowed. Those people who were fired after being forced to sign discrimination waivers and to train their replacements will be Mr. Trump’s cheerleaders.

Explain why he can help businesses. His homeland-friendly policies (repatriation of capital tax-free, import duties) will boost capital in this country. Explain that and the business community won’t be upset at the loss of the unfair low-wage pools.

Then, when he wins and his coattails cause the left to lose even more seats in both houses of Congress, the GOP will eat crow and thank Donald Trump just as they had to do to Ronald Reagan in 1980.