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Bernie Sanders is Better than Hillary!

I disagree with virtually every position held by Senator Bernie Sanders. His socialist worldview is a misinformed dream of an impossible utopia. If his policies -- except for his anti-gun-control stance for which I applaud him for standing firm in the face of extremist pressure -- were implemented, the United States of America would suffer collapse within Mr. Sanders’ first term. However, I am convinced that Sen. Sanders is earnest in his beliefs. I am certain that Sen. Sanders is honest about his beliefs and honestly believes that his plans are good things. And therefore, I am certain that his left pinky fingernail is abundantly more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton could ever be.

Hillary Clinton endangered our national security so that she could use her preferred hand-held device. She created a private email server that the Chinese government hacked. She did this for two reasons: (1) the aforementioned desire to use her preferred device; and (2) to hide her dealings from the people who employed her. These acts make her unqualified to be president as a criminal who actively committed crimes while employed in the highest unelected position in the United States of America.

Let us be even more clear: Mrs. Clinton not only used this illegal email server for government documents that could endanger national security – which is one crime – but she also ordered her subordinates to remove classified document designations from secret documents and transmit them over her insecure network! If a GOP-era Secretary of State did this, the leftists in the Senate would demand immediate prosecution and perhaps even impeach the president, regardless of whether or not he knew. Disclaimer: It appears that President Obama had no idea about this gaping gigantic illegal security hole. Whether or not he should have known is another issue; the President is not complicit in this crime.

I strongly urge the President to order the attorney General to take the ongoing criminal investigation wherever it leads and to prosecute any violations to the fullest extent of the law. Politics must take a back seat to this issue.

Since I have digressed, let me summarize: Hillary Clinton should never be allowed any elective office anywhere ever again. Prosecute her and nominate Senator Sanders. He is the leftists’ last best chance of winning, and he is honest and earnest.

Do I think that Senator Sanders can win against Mr. Trump or Senator Cruz? No. No way. Never. Nor do I believe the polls. When the GOP nominee turns his full attention to the general election, he will immediately focus on Mrs. Clinton’s load of horse excrement that is large enough to fertilize the Sahara. And the people will have a choice. Elect a criminal who holds her personal convenience over our national security, or elect the GOP nominee.

Assume for argument that the nominee is Donald Trump. He will light into Mrs. Clinton without fear of being called a sexist. He will bring up every one of her policy idiocies from Hillarycare to Benghazi to the email server and he will say that she cares for nobody but herself. Senator Cruz would do exactly the same thing, but perhaps with a touch less brashness.

Mr. Trump will tell the African American populace that their jobs are being stolen by illegal immigrants and tell them that he wants to build the wall to give them their lives back. If he peels off 6% of Mr. Obama’s 2012 African-American vote total from Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump is president no matter what she does. Moreover, Donald Trump’s coattails are very long. The cigar-chomping elites in the back room hate him because he cannot be bought, and they hate Senator Cruz almost as much for the same reason. What this outsider status buys each man is the ability to enlarge the GOP tent. To add back the “Reagan Democrats” and to make inroads into an African-American populace that has been abused by the Left for far too long. Mrs. Clinton is a DOA nominee, no matter how much her lackeys in the press say otherwise.

On the other hand, Mr. Sanders has already electrified the youth vote, and he has no criminal past to exploit. Senator Sanders is the perfect anti-Trump. His presence as the nominee eliminates the mud-slinging and causes the whole campaign to pivot to the issues. The election is not like 2008, where Mr. Obama was elected in part because of his racial heritage. Sanders v. Trump or Sanders v. Cruz election would be issue driven. And, on the issues, I do believe that election night would be a squeaker.

I disagree with Bernie Sanders but I respect his honesty and his earnestness. He is a liberal with integrity.