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Hillary Clinton is the Cersei Lannister of the USA

To end the sixth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones, the sole remaining villain on the canvas did the equivalent of blowing up St. Peter’s Basilica in the middle of an inquisition led by the Pope. Cersei Lannister roasted the entire elite of the fictional city King’s Landing in a spectacular fireball that sort of reminds one of the collapse of the World Trade Center. Then her son, the King, killed himself after he realized what his mom had done – including murdering his wife and father-in-law.

One day after this nation celebrated its 240th birthday, the FBI director made an announcement that made it clear that the present front-runner for President of the United States of America exposed our national secrets to hackers who could untraceably access the information, and did so with (at best) a complete lack of concern for the nature of the information. The Director’s findings exposed Mrs. Clinton as having lied on numerous previous occasions about the email servers. However, Director Comey fell short of recommending criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton.

Some conservatives are shocked into silence. Others of us are outraged. Still others see a silver lining in this cloud. In Game of Thrones, Cersei ends the episode by seizing the Iron Throne and naming herself queen, with nobody to stop her. The show’s somewhat klutzy semi-villain is now the consummately evil super-villain. What we have discovered yesterday is that Hillary has for a while been what Cersei Lannister has just become: an amoral super-villain who wants total power for herself.

Hillary Clinton is the Cersei Lannister of the USA. Now we have to stop her from seizing a throne for herself.

There is a slight difference between Mrs. Clinton and Cersei. Huma Abedin, Mrs. Clinton’s sidekick, is not, like Cersei’s Ser Gregor, a 7 1/2-foot-tall zombie in armor – but may be just as dangerous. Anyone married to congressman Anthony Weiner may just have enough pent-up anger to rip off someone’s head with one hand. I don’t see Mrs. Clinton gathering all conservatives into a building and then firebombing it into oblivion over all of their heads. I don’t see her having Mr. Trump or anyone else eliminated. This is where the analogy stops because we live in the United States of America and Mrs. Clinton has roughly 120 million opponents.

We have an opportunity to stop Mrs. Clinton in her tracks and end her quest for total power over us. As Allen West has said, the Director handed the GOP a ready-made negative ad factory in that press conference yesterday. The Congress on July 7 will embellish that a tad by grilling Mr. Comey on Capitol Hill and eliciting even more damaging goods. The Super PAC machine will go into overdrive. The same day that Mrs. Clinton was let off the hook, Mr. Obama used Air Force one to campaign for her in North Carolina. The picture was so “Stark” that it evoked memories of the double-cross in Game of Thrones known as the “Red Wedding” – where ancient laws were broken and The Stark family deprived of its head and matriarch via murder.

The message was this: “Listen America! We are the Democrats! We are above the law. We are not accountable to you. We live by a different set of rules. And what can you do to stop us?”

We must take this as a dare! Mr. Trump must take this as a gauntlet laid down. If I were Mr. Trump, I would answer every question at every press conference and every debate question with a direct attack on Mrs. Clinton’s honesty and an observation of how she put the fix in to avoid what is a clear violation of United States law. If I were Mr. Trump, I’d sell a building – as he said he would do – to raise $1-2 billion in cash to literally flood the airwaves of all fifty states with Mrs. Clinton’s lies. If possible, I would buy every second of commercial time on every television outlet for the entire month prior to the election. Slam the message home. Make it clear that we are dealing with an amoral power hungry tyrant. Show pictures of a Clinton America where people are led off to prison for what they think.

I once said “Trump or Treason!” This is true now more than ever. This election is our last chance for survival. If Mrs. Clinton is elected, the United States is dead.